Facial cleaning products help

  1. What do y'all use? I love Neutragena stuff, but am getting sick of it. :shrugs:
  2. I just posted about this in the thread about switching products... I've tried all kinds of products, but I always go back to washing my face with Cetaphil bar soap, water, and my hands.

    Every once in awhile I'll use a textured washcloth to wash my face, but I've found that my skin can't handle the abrasiveness of a wash cloth 2x a day so I have to use my hands. I've also had to start washing my pillowcases and towels in fragrance-free detergent. Otherwise my sensitive skin can flare up. It's seriously ridiculous :sad:...
  3. I use baby products... cheap and soft!
  4. i use dior foaming cleanser as well as kose-love both :tup:. i also use a cleansing oil before the foaming cleanser.
  5. I use Purpose face wash to remove my make up at night. Its simple and removes everything (AND is soap free!) In the morning i use a 10% glycolic face cleanser to help with exfoliation
  6. I use Aveeno face wash stuff- I switch up what specific Aveeno products I use. I have really sensitive skin, and Aveeno is perfect!
  7. i've been using shu uemura mineral oil cleanser for many years - it is actually the beauty product i've used the longest and it's so great that I haven't wanted to look for something else. it gets off EVERYTHING (even waterproof eye makeup) and it makes my skin feel soft afterwards.
  8. I use Cetaphil after I use my aspirin mask+QH Mint Julep mask, but I usually use Shiseido foaming wash from the Pureness line.
  9. I use the entire SkinCeuticals line from my PS's office. It is AMAZING!