Facial Care

  1. My mom mentioned that I don't put on enough products on my face this morning. What do you ladies use to take care of your skin? In the morning, I just put on lotion + sunblock, and then I run out the door. Should I be putting on more things? At night I just usuaully use a face mask, wash my face, and lotion. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  2. i don't put ANYTHING on my face, purely because i'm lazy. i have a blemish-free face, but it gets very dry in winter, and that's the only time i put moisturizer, and even then it's only if i feel like it.
  3. If you're young, a moisturizer with SPF is all you really need after you wash your face. If you have acne problems it wouldn't hurt to use a topical acne medication under your moisturizer.
    As you get older you might want to add things on as necessary, but that's the sort of thing a consultation at a spa or beauty counter can help you with.
    I'm 27 and in the morning I put on moisturizer, a dab of clearasil where needed, and my Clinique post-blemish treatment stick. I don't have a major acne problem, but years of small breakouts have left me with some discoloration and unevenness, which I'm now working to correct.
  4. What does the clearasil do when you dab it on? Thanks for all the replies so far!! My mom says I need to start putting products on at a young age so I have good skin when I get older.
  5. Most products are corrective, not preventative. I just rub a little clearasil on the spots that are prone to break out, to keep any blemishes at bay. The best preventative you can use is sunblock, so you're already fine in that respect. Using anti-aging medication when your skin is still young is not good for it.
  6. Great!! I was just getting worried because my mom says that I need to be putting on more things..I think I'm gettign close to that age though. I'm 23 and I feel like I should be doing more :smile: Hence, I'm going to make an appointment with a dermatologist.
  7. Lady, I think simplicity is heavenly...I do the same thing, wash my face in the morning, put on my contacts, and rub on a little cetaphil facial lotion with spf 15 and I'm good to go! Why complicate things when you don't need to...it's save you money and time, what more could you want!

    I had that same dilemma too, so I started trying to find thing to put on face but just realized that it wasn't for me. Different people have different needs, find what suits yours.
  8. Thanks for your help blue! I think I'll try the cetaphil, I think it's probably easier to put on then the stuff I put on now :smile: I always feel like SPF 15 isn't enough though..I tend to go for the 55+