Facial bone revision surgery

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  1. Since the problem of bad bone work is becoming more common, surely some clinics must be doing good business with revision surgery for facial bone contouring or 2 jaw surgery? Like with implants, HA paste or secondary 2 jaw surgery?

    These procedures could fix step offs/break points from chin and jaw surgeries as well as overdone set back surgery, v-lines and zygoma reduction/repositioning.

    As for myself, I had a genioplasty which left break points and was overdone. Apparently iD Hospital one bragged to a client that they did revision jaw surgeries all the time, but I won't be going there after what I've seen from them.

    If anyone knows anything about clinics who do this stuff, I'd be grateful for any input.. hopefully it could help someone too.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I've seen on a popular naver cafe that Girin does vline revision, but their posts are clearly ads/sponsored reviews, and the user boasting revision has since deleted her profile. Apgujeong YK specifically has a section on their site for 2jaw revision, so it seems the doctor has performed them. I think all major specialists do revisions, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone has firsthand experience! I am also curious about surgeons in hospitals as opposed to ps clinics, but it's hard to find information online.
  3. Thanks for mentioning Apgujeong YK. Will check them out. It's hard to find any one specialist as most clinics are kind of 'faceless' entities with many doctors working there.

    I saw that Grand has a section about 2 jaw 'Re-Surgery' (as revision surgery is commonly termed in Korea) on their website. But in the example case provided, the surgery was clearly underdone rather than overdone in the first place - making for an easy revision.

    What I'm most interested in are the cases where disasters are salvaged, along with specific problems like bony step offs/irregularities as well as underlying muscle detachment in the mid face and along the jawline.

    I've seen/read negative things about Girin and their results look very sloppy to me. I've looked at articles on koreamed.org as these often mention doctors working in university hospitals. They often show how specific complications from many of these popular surgeries are dealt with. Sometimes the email/contact number of the doctor is included... perhaps it would be worth searching through these and doing some investigations?

    I'd love to get something of a list going of doctors who perform these complex facial bone revisions as I do think this would be helpful to many people here. So far I only know of a few European doctors who do things like this...

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  4. There was a member who recently got deactivated (said their friend was director at ST clinic) who emailed me and recommended Jelim for bone revisions. It's random but thought I would post and see if anyone has heard of them. The search brought up mostly old posts with no firsthand experience. They do have a section on their website for revisions, and it says the main surgeon did his residency at Seoul Asan Hospital and is director of plastic surgery at Goryeo Hospital. Has anyone heard of these hospitals?