Faces to Names: Self-Picture Thread

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  1. Alright, we have an intro thread now lets put some bootiful faces to those names! :nuts: And to make it even more interesting, every post/reply must include a picture of yourself - duplicates BEWARE! :weird:

    This post doesn't count because I don't get my digicam until Saturday :shame: Hehe
  2. Kojiko...well...That's it. hehe
  3. i'm jen....picture of to the left i think.....:shame:
  4. I have asked this before in another thread....Aren't you afraid of the freaks out there? We devulge alot of our personal life in this forum. I am not so comfortable exposing myself and my bag addiction to the world. Am I being paranoid?:blink: :wacko:

    I know wellow is with me...
  5. i don't know my face is already out there, i have a blog that's public... my real name isn't out there, but i don't mind posting photos. photography is very important in my life... if you are not comfortable, yeah, i wouldn't push you to do it. but who ever wants to share, go for it!
  6. me 084.jpg

    Faces to Names: Self-Picture Thread is serious business.
  7. What do you mean....serious business. I really want to know if i am being paranoid?! I would love to post my picture.
  8. Don't mind her, always_alone was having a rough day and can't be taken too seriously.

    I wouldn't worry about posting your picture, as there is nobody around here that would have any sort of malicious interest to abuse it.

    I'd say go for it.
  9. Im gonna have to post my pic when i graduate with my new found profession. So I might as well start now. I had my pic in my avatar already so ppl seeing me doesnt bother. I dont care.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Just please don't tell me that your avatar is your photo!
  12. ^^ Haha yep... thats Vlad!!! :amuse:
  13. What do you mean? You don't like my haircut?
  14. ^^ The haircut is lovely, its the beard that freaks me out a bit....
  15. ^^ hahaha, and the eyes...just a little!