Facelift surgery

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  1. Hi everyone, I am recently doing a search for the best facelift surgeon in Korea. Can anyone help with their experience? I found a lot of threads here but mostly on nose and eyes. Thank you for your help.
  2. Have you decide which clinic will do your facelift yet?
  3. Hi no I finally drop it, instead I will do fat graft and accuflift I guess.
  4. Can u PM me?
  5. Or kakao!
  6. Sure my Kakao is mimi60, same as my user name. Add me.
  7. Cannt search you!! May b you try to Kakao me.
  8. Just added you n sent you a msn
  9. Lita Oh - gee u started young for a facelift. Who was you doc? Please tell as it is time for me to have a fl.

    Did u read KCouture's recommendation for Dream? Said she thought patient looked in her 30's when she was in her late 60's.
    You know the old saying Asians look younger than their Caucasian counterparts, so if she
    fooled KCouture, it's a good sign!

    Lots Oh please give me your doc's name of PM me.
    Thanks in advance
  10. Bloody auto correct on my iPhone - sorry about misspelling your name
  11. Hi Lita, I am looking to do a facelift but am extremely worried about the scar in the front of the ear, would you let me know how bad they are? Are they visible? Could you PM me the name of your clinic and doc, I really cannot find much info about facelift....thanks alot
  12. Hello,

    I don't know which hospital can get facelift with ther best result in Seoul? I am new member in this forumn, but I can not any thread concerning the good hospital of facelift.

    Thank you in advance,
  13. I am left with the same sagging jowls and neck, after going through a great deal of pain and expense. I now have permanent nerve damage (numbness) around my face edges and up into my hair line. My cheeks also burn, itch and sting.
    smita sharma
  14. Hi Blackchocolate

    I went Youtube and watch Aone 's Dr Kwon on Facelift. Quite informative. Am considering him as he seems skilled in this area. K Coutres mentioned somewhere in forum that she is pretty impressed after seeing a 60 year old patient who got facelift in Dream. I supposed the lack of information or interest in this topic may be because the participants here are all quite young, haha.......maybe they will be thinking of facelift in next 20, 30 years ;)
  15. Oh dear,Mitasharma54 , so sorry to hear that.....
    What actually happened? Do you developed complications or infection after surgery or is it that the surgeon did not did it right? Did you get back to plastic surgeon on this? Have you consult any doctor if nerve damage can be treated?