Facelift for a Vintage Kelly?

  1. Hi People,

    I have a question. Right now I'm desperately looking for a black 32 kelly (in any leather, even croc or ostrich). My incompetent SA at my local Hermes cannot locate one for me, so I have to resort to getting it from a reseller. Which is all fine, except, most of them come used, or if they're in brand new condition, the markup is tremendous.

    So, I thought, why don't purchase a vintage one, say even a black croc kelly at a deep discount, and have it reconditioned at the Hermes store? What can I reasonably expect from such a practice? Will the bag come out spanking new, reasonably new, or should I not even bother? Other than the leather, will Hermes be able to do anything to the hardware scratches?

    Please feel free to share your experiences with me. Thank you in advance!
  2. I would be interested to know this also..
  3. It really depends on the state of the bag.

    I personally find many vintage finds ridiculously overpriced, considering the state they are in. If you think that you can find a croc deeply discounted - you may want to reconsider. A lot of the 'deeply discounted' bags are simply trash and therefore not worth the money they cost.

    Yet, there ARE used/vintage pieces out there in repairable leathers, box for instance. It is important that there is no dryness/cracking in the leather.

    The thing is, you cannot send a trashed bag to the spa and expect it to come out looking super. It will look better than before, but there is only so much a 'spa' can do: touching up colours, buffing out scratches/polishing, restitching.

    IMO, a black 32 Kelly is not THAT hard to find in the resale market (eBay for instance) and I find them also often reasonably priced, meaning if you buy a used but well cared for bag, you pay less then retail.

    It is my very personal opinion that a Kelly has to look elegant. This can range from an immaculate look to a well loved but well cared for look with a glorious patina and no major faults. Some Kellys that are being sold as 'vintage' are simply not worth having and should be buried with dignity.
  4. I think Hello said it all. I especially agree with the part about being able to find a Kelly in lovely condition for under retail! If you do want a vintage one and are not comfortable buying on eBay or can't find one in good enough condition, you might also try to either visit or call Fisch for the Hip in NYC (which has a huge selection of H bags), or Michaels (they only occasionally have them though), or Tatiana--though be CAREFUL there as I have spotted a fake once or twice over the years.
  5. Grande Latte:

    There is a TERRIFIC seller on eBay who I see listing black Hermes kelly bags (always authentic) at the most reasonable prices I've ever seen for an authentic kelly. Myampie. Lots of members here buy from them.

    Also, I can tell you I've NEVER seen a fake bag at Fisch for the Hip in all the years I've known them, and their knowledge of the brand it by far superior to 99% of Ebay sellers and consignment stores who offer Hermes handbags. So I highly recommend them, and they can source for you too.

    Best of luck in your search! I hope you find your dream bag soon :flowers:
  6. Thanks guys for your input.
  7. Wow. I learned something today. Thank you all for your candid inputs. I'll definitely call Fisch for the Hip and see what they have in stock. Yes, I do feel a little uncomfortable going on eBay, and will only do so through the recommendations of fellow tpf members. Cheers. Merry Christmas!
  8. BTW I want to clarify: I have never seen a fake at Fisch for the Hip either, and only have good things to say about them. I thought my post made it clear that I have seen fakes twice (three times possibly) at Tatiana but not at either of the other two places I mentioned.
  9. Grand Latte, since you are in Cali, you might also check out Decades,(www.decadesinc.com) especially since they are really pushing the Kelly and the Constance over the Birkin right now.

    I third and fourth the vote for Fisch also. The owner used to be the manager of the Hermes concession at Barneys NY and she has reps from Hermes come by regularly to her shop so there is no way that she would even chance to put forth items with the least question mark on them.
  10. Might I also recommend Pete at Luxury-Zurich for really wonderful vintage bags? I have purchased numerous vintage beauties from them and have always received GORGEOUS Kelly's in excellent condition hardly needing spa treatment at all! They are very particular that their bags are in tip-top shape and if they aren't they make sure to give details on the condition so you always know what you're getting. I have a hard time buying from eBay unless I have had personal past experience from the seller so I'm very loyal to a few select people.....Pete's one of them.
  11. Hey, S'Mom--about that. Do you ever have to pay customs on things from L-Z? I only ask because I recently had to pay a big fat 15% on a bag that came from Canada and I was :wtf: as it was a pricy one.
  12. I'll also throw in a HUGE vote of praise for Luxury-Zurich. Their customer service is far and beyond better than almost anybody else I've ever bought from! :tup::tup::tup:
  13. Cyn.... I never have to because of the way they ship. I choose it to come without insurance (I know....risky) but they ship FEDEX International Priority so I can track it all the way which is usually overnight or two day. I've never had any problem at all!!!!
  14. ^^ I can vouch for LZ and shipping without insurance. I've done it as well with no problems. Their shipping is lightning fast.
  15. Gah!!!!!! This makes me want to buy something from them RIGHT NOW!!! LMAO!!!!

    Can't though.....Muffin did WAY too much damage already this month...