Faceless Movies... Guess the Title!

  1. Rule: Cover up the face(s) from a screen shot of a movie then guess which movie the picture is from...

    I'll go first...
    Guess which movie this picture is from...

  2. I don't have time to post one myself, but I'll guess.

    The Holiday.
  3. Ya I think it's the Holiday! Cameron Diaz in the tub.
  4. When does the next person go? Now that they've guessed the answer... Here's another one.

    Movie Game.jpg
  5. ohmigosh! I wish i hadn't opened this thread... I know that scene, but for the life of me... I can't remember what movie!! [​IMG]
    ...now it's going to bother me all afternoon.... someone answer it!
  6. Whenever someone guessed the movie right, someone else can go... so yeah it was the holiday!

    now..this one is harder.. hmmm "zorro"???
  7. Nope, not Zorro! ;)
  8. Is it Electra?
  9. Is it Original Sin?
  10. any hint??
  11. Nope, none of those.

    HINT: Sci-fi, outer space
  12. Star Wars, Episode... uh.... 2?
  13. Serenity?
  14. That would have been my guess. I'm almost positive we're right

    Post yours!
  15. yeah.. now with the hint, it does look like "serenity".. good guess!