Dec 24, 2005
so high school facebook and college facebook have merged

"It has been a good school year for us. In September, we added more than 1,000 colleges and 20,000 high schools to Facebook. After that, Facebook became the seventh most visited site on the Internet. A couple of months later, we added photos. Now, we get about 1.5 million new photos each day.

Starting today, we are going to let people in college and high school be friends. We decided to do this because so many people requested it, and we think it will help people keep up with more of their friends.

So now, if you're in high school and you do a global search for someone in college, that person will show up in the search results and you will be able to add them as a friend. You can still only see someone's profile if they are your friend or at your school, but now you can see the profiles of your friends in college too. Over the next couple of months we are going to make it easier to find and keep up with friends, even after they graduate. Stay tuned.


any thoughts on this?

i already get a few creepy people trying to friend me...i wonder if it'll get worse. but i also think this is kinda cool because i miss the people who graduated last year. :amuse: