Facebook photos land Eden Prairie kids in trouble

  1. More than 100 were suspended from activities or reprimanded after being shown drinking at parties.

    Last update: January 9, 2008 - 5:46 PM

    Eden Prairie High School administrators have reprimanded more than 100 students and suspended some from sports and other extracurricular activities after obtaining Facebook photos of students partying, several students said Tuesday.

    School administrators and the district's spokeswoman didn't return phone calls, but students called in by their deans over the past two days said they were being reprimanded for the Facebook party photos, which administrators had printed out. It's likely, they said, that other students among the 3,300 who attend Eden Prairie will be questioned throughout the week.

    Danny O'Leary, a senior who plays lacrosse, said his dean displayed four Facebook photos of O'Leary holding drinks and told him he was in "a bit of trouble." One photo shows him holding a can of Coors beer, another a shot of rum, he said. In yet another, O'Leary is pictured holding his friend's 40-ounce container of beer.

    "I wasn't drinking that night," O'Leary said. But that apparently doesn't matter. "I was told each picture was equal to a two-game suspension,'' he said.

    O'Leary said he intends to meet with the director of student activities today to discuss the suspensions. He said he will point out that two of the photos were taken two years ago, before he joined the lacrosse team and signed a pledge not to drink.

    "I'm personally pretty upset and wondering why someone would collect these photos and turn them in," O'Leary said. "A lot of kids' lives are going to be ruined as far as scholarships and sports are concerned."

    Full article link :http://www.startribune.com/local/west/13549646.html

    Right. So these kids do stupid things like a lot of stupid things teens are doing all around the country, but doing it OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. And because they've gotten caught and punished, and opportunities might be lost, it's not their fault? Someone ruined their life by ratting them out? If you're dumb enough to do dumb things and post them to website, I have no sympathy.

    One of the students at the end of the article called it "weird" and "a huge invasion of privacy".... :confused1:
  2. If this didn't happen on school grounds I'd fight it.
    Hey everybody drinks in once in a while.
  3. I dont think the school should punish the kids. They'd have to deal with their parents, not the school. I had plenty of party pictures with alcohol online when I was in high school....GOOD TIMES! Really.
  4. Okay, seriously. I think this is ridiculous. Anything done off campus shouldn't be punished by the school administration. But what I want to know is how the school found the pictures? Did they go and look and look until they found something? Did someone turn in the pictures to the school? I know so many people who have pictures of them smoking pot, drinking, and etc. on social networking sites who never get in trouble.
  5. At the high school I went to the athletes had to sign a contract with the coaches that if they were caught/seen drinking or smoking they would be suspended also. Im sure someone was probably on facebook during school and the pics got out. People need to start thinking twice before they post pics on the internet because they can be seen by anyone. I dont' know why anyone would post pictures of themselves doing illegal things, its just asking to be caught and punished.

    Now-a-days job recruiters are looking at people's myspace and facebook pages to determine if they want you at a job. They did a whole show about this on Dr. Phil yesterday.
  6. I don't think that the school has the right to punish the students because it wasn't on school grounds. However, it was really a bad idea for the kids to post pictures of themselves drinking and partying if they are underage. This is the digital age, people.

    I am in my last year of college with a major in a computer field. My professors are constantly telling us not to post pictures online that we don't want people (future employers) to see. It isn't hard to look someone up on Facebook or MySpace, and it becoming more common for people to do. I am even willing to bet that all those kids are in the same network for their high school. Once you've found one, the others are sure to be there too. If you are going to do something that you know you shouldn't be, don't publicize it to the world.
  7. This is why I don't put any pictures on Facebook that I wouldn't mind my grandmother seeing.
  8. thats so dumb, now the kids will just party more while their suspended and not at school, its not the school buisness. i think schools should worry about more important things than teenagers partying on weekends.
  9. oh my HAHAHA this is SO weird
    imagine.. your parents looking at your facebook photos LOL
  10. i'm kind of conflicted about this. yes, it's completely idiotic to do illegal things and put the pictures on facebook. anyone who does that accepts all reasonable consequences of their PUBLIC actions. putting things on facebook makes them public.

    but, then again, i don't think a school has much of a right to give you in-school punishment for out-of-school actions. if they're playing sports for the school, they're representing them to the public and giving them game suspensions is reasonable - playing sports at a school is a privilege, not a right. i don't think any of the kids should be suspended from school, though. i just don't think there's just cause, since none of the behavior was in-school, and public education is a right, not a privilege.

    ...did that make any sense? my feelings on this are kinda complex.
  11. LOL. I almost went to EP high school (its called EP around here LOL). Its a huuuge school with almost 4,000 students. This doesn't suprise me at all. Many highschools here in MN and colleges will look at a persons facebook and myspace account. Even my small highschool (less than 200) teachers would create FB and myspace accounts and look to what was going down.
  12. Just to clear up my positions: I don't think the SCHOOL should be the one's punishing the students, except for the athletes who are busted under their contracted obligations.

    However.... I'd like to know what the obligation of local law enforcement is in these cases? Punish the kids for underage drinking? Punish the parents for not catching it?

    Of course...the kids will probably claim that the photos are "a prank" and that they punked the school.... the cans/bottles are empty, or refilled with water/soda, that no one can prove there was actually alcohol being consumed....etc. Right? (sigh)
  13. I feel the same way. :yes: In a way, I'm against it since it was "out of school", BUT it was really stupid of them to post pictures on facebook. :confused1:

    That is why my myspace profile is private. I don't really take risque or questionable pictures anyhow (although yes, I do know that there have been ways in the past to get around the "private" profile block).