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  1. Does anyone know how to set their Facebook privacy settings so that tagged friends' friends aren't able to view your entire album, only that particular picture their friend is tagged in? Or if your friend comments on a photo, how do you set it so that your entire album isn't viewable to THEIR entire list of friends via that one comment?

    Any help greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. just set it to "friends only"
    The ONLY people in YOUR list can see.
  3. Thanks ladies! What I meant was, I already have it at Friends Only.. but, if I tag a friend, or a friend comments on my pic, their friends (that I'm not friends with) are able to see it too. :confused1:
  4. ^^ I'm pretty sure they actually can't see it if they're not your friend. Even if they have a friend that is tagged, if your album is set to only your friends, then the pictures won't show to your non-friends. For example, you may see that someone is in 42 pictures, but only be able to actually view 20. If that makes sense :idea:
  5. as long as it's set to only friends then no one outside your friends list can see any tagged pics of whoever you tagged
  6. The posters above are correct, if you set it on "friends only" even if you tag people, only your friends can see the entire album. The tagged picture will show up on your friend's pages but others (people that you are not friends with) cannot see the entire photo album.

    I had this tested a few days ago when I tagged one of my friends in her engagement video (all my settings are for friends only) and she asked me to set it to "friend of friends" so that her list of friends could view it on her page.
  7. Ah, I see. Thank you all for sharing and putting my mind at ease! :hugs:
  8. Set it to "friends only" and you'll be ok.