1. I've always been set on private and selected the option where my name doesn't show up when people search for me in the search bar... but trust me, it doesn't always work... I've had random people I don't know and are from some parts of the world I wasn't even aware about try to add me, this happened everyday for a week this year. And when people I know were trying to look for me, they couldn't... it's so stupid. I don't post where I go because I fear this will be a chance for people to break into my house...
  2. #1 - I cannot STAND when they notify me that other people commented on the pictures, posts that I commented on, especially if it's days and years later! I don't give a crap about what other people wrote!!!

    #2 - STOP POKING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ^^I have a friend and her sister who do this CONSTANTLY. And if one of them isn't giving up on life, they're sick with some invented illness (I broke a nail, I'm pretty certain I have the ebola virus). It's gotten to the point of just being comical. Every 2 or 3 hours one or both of them hates their job or this city, and is sick.

    So & so checked in @... I honestly don't care where you are, unless you invited me as well. I still don't want the world to know I'm at the mall, so don't check me in there with you.

    Compulsive disclosure disorder. Why do people post things like, "I ate a turkey sandwich" and 5 mins later, "I'm taking a huge dump", then, "I'm hungry again"..."My shoe is untied".

    Getting friend requests that you subsequently ignore because you have NO clue who they are, and no mutual friends in common, and 45 seconds later, they add you again. I have 16 friend requests just hanging out on my FB b/c I'm tired of ignoring the same people 65,000 times.

    I like knowing what my friends that I don't talk to or see on a regular basis are up to occasionally, but I don't need a total minute by minute synopsis.
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    What is that thing wit' the numbers??????..........

    The quoting of my posts..... that s**no cursing allowed!!***is useless..... and I don't want anybody to know what I say to others.....
  5. :lol:
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    Stop telling us how much you love your man. I know you are both in counseling. Try to convince yourselves maybe.
    Then, there's always this:

    I can't wait till he gets off work.
    I baked him a ...
    We're going to snuggle.
    Only a half hour more.
    I can't wait.

    ETA...I left out the part of how they're trying to conceive!
    "Today we're gonna try again. I just took my temperature.
    Now I have to lie still while..."

    I seriously have to block this woman. She doesn't have the sense or intelligence of a grape.
  7. I liked it better when I could post on a person's Wall/Status and not have it posted on my page.
  8. you can change your notifications settings. you control what you are notified of.

    yeah I hate this to, which is why I always just delete these posts. hover over the right hand side of the comment and it gives you the option to delete.
  9. LMAO! I have a few friends that do this. One of them logged onto his facebook so that "he" could post his love for her. When she told me about some recent arguments I mentioned that he's been posting on fb how much he cares for her. She said "Oh that was me"
  10. I know! Why are they going back to that? I remember several years back, they used to post whatever comments you made about someone's picture (plus the actual picture) on your own wall then they stopped it (thankfully). Now they're back to not only including picture comments but actual status and regular comments on the profile wall. Ridiculous.
  11. Long, boring posts about the 17 mundane things you did/are doing. I have a friend who always posts things like "Just back from holiday play at school. Picking up grandma later. Then baking cookies. Have to provide snack for school tomorrow and get ready for book group on Friday."

    Get some post it notes. Write your to-do list there, not on FB.
  12. my biggest peeve is random guys who message me and tell me how hot I am/how beautiful of a model I am/how we are meant to be because he is a photographer etc and how we should hook up and then they try to friend me...its like umm ok 1. my profile is private (in hopes of eliminating these kinds of requests) 2. yes I am a model, and yes I do have a fashion pic as my current display but that doesn't make me any more or less worthy than the next person and really doesnt score you any bonus points with me when you bring it up and 3. it would also help if you lived in the same country as me if you want to hook up ughhhhh
    and I dont normally friend people since I have a ton of people as "friends" and most of them are industry people that add me after a photoshoot/fashion show etc so its good for networking and getting jobs but I absolutely refuse to add anyone I dont know or "met" online, if you count them messaging me the above first as meeting them lol

    If I had of been smarter about it I would have kept a seperate profile for the business aspect of me and a seperate one as a personal profile but its too late to now *sigh*
  13. 1. world cafe, farmville, petville - who has time for these?
    2. the child abuse photo thing. really? you really think a photo of a cartoon character is going to make a difference?
    3. multiple status updates. i think one a day is sufficient.
    4. TMI status updates. i de-friended someone because she posted something like,"friends, after 13 years of marriage, trevor and i are getting a divorce." whoa!! and does trevor know that you're posting this all over facebook?
    5. people who serial-"like" pages. i always want to ask them, do you go through facebook and search for pages to "like" because if you do, you've got too much time on your hands.
  14. My BIGGEST pet peeve is the couples on there with the mushy comments.

    It sounds like I'm "hating," but it's annoying when they're both on my timeline and I can see the back and forth comments to each other every minute. Comments about how much they miss each other even though they last saw each other 20 mins ago, or pet names, or the ambush of :heart:s on my timeline or how much they "love" each other.

    Take that to AIM or text/call each other.

    I am one "baby" comment away from removing them off my friends list.

    Bring me back the old Facebook!
  15. - people who brag about illegal activities on fb. smoking weed in front of your 10 month old baby is NOT cool.
    - people who think they're some fb model- always posing in front of the mirror while pouting their lips and showing off cleavage.