1. My friend was constantly posting photos of us at get togethers whether they were flattering or not. I mean, if my eyes are closed, do you need to post that particular picture when the next one you posted is the same thing but with the eyes open?

    I told her she has to get my approval for all future photo posts that include me.
  2. Great thread btw!

    Already thought of another one. People that refuse to join facebook because its "stupid" but keep up with you through other friends pages. My brother in law's ex girlfriend sent me a friend request and I accepted, she was always nice to me. A few days later he sent me a text that I need to "remove her from my fbook because she is nuts" Turns out I am friends with the girl he is currently dating and they noticed that the ex and I were now friends. I then got a message on fb from the ex gf asking if my brother in law requested I "unfriend her"

    This is a group of 40 year olds. Reading my post it sounds like all of us attend the same high school but thats not the case.
  3. Ohhh! I know someone like that. He'll take these crazy pictures and post them. I just remove the tag myself because that's all I can do...unless he leaves his camera lying about during the evening. Then I take it and go through it, deleting any picture of me that I don't like. *muahahaha*
  4. People who camera whores like there's no tmr!!! They take close up photos of themselves on a daily basis, trying to look cute, cool, pretty, etc...
  5. I actually 'killed myself' on Facebook....not just 'unenrolled' or whatever that is....I mean literally 'killed myself'. I had to google how to do it, and believe me, Facebook does NOT make it easy to erase your entire self from existence.
    It was just seeming very high school to me -- and I never really had anything to say...and those ridiculous RSS feeds -- I found I was blocking everything and everyone so what's the point.
    I did hook up with a couple of old friends out there but honestly, if anyone wants to call me or email me, they know where to find me.
  6. people who make dramatic statuses for attention- like everyday saying how they're so mad, so sad, their day was ruined, their SO is a jerk, they want to move away yet it's so hard, blah blah blah. attention whores :rolleyes:
  7. :lolots::lolots::lolots: so true!

    one of my FB friends (who is also a friend IRL as well) is notorious for updating her status 2-3x a day. but not just updating, i mean adding a whole blog in her status update.

    yesterday her post consisted of how she wanted to bake christmas cookies but fell asleep on the couch instead. napping is better than baking.

    are you effing kidding me? why is this newsworthy and why would i care? i think i may have to start ignoring her feeds as well now. ugh!
  8. oh gosh, don't get me started. i hate fb. i didn't even have a fb account. my cousin begged me to open 1. she was moving far away & wanted to keep in touch. so i did. then friends & co-workers found & added me. i didn't want to be rude so i added them too. well, my cousin basically talks to everyone else but me. she texts & emails me instead of fb. wtf?

    then a co-worker keeps posting these stupid updates all day longggg. maybe 10+ times a day. the last update i saw was "oh, that donut was so good"...hmm who cares about that stupid donut you just ate. BLOCKED!!!

    im going to google how to kill myself on fb, just like jchiara.

  9. Ita..I have a female friend that has a ton of pictures of herself..she changes it on a daily basis..:nogood:
  10. ever notice that certain people only post the same kind of status updates?

    For example:

    -I'm going to workout/working out/tired from working out
    -I'm wasted/drinking/going to go drink
    -I'm tired/work is tiring/exhausted!
    -talk about dogs/pets/kittens
    -talk about that wonderful new bf all day long
    -the ubiquitous "..." status where people fill in the blank

    I'm seriously considering deleting my account; but people are so lazy to keep up communication in traditional ways, I'd probably have no more friends. Most of my friends live in the same city, they'll be on facebook chat all day long and when you want to meet them, they're mysteriously "busy."
  11. OK, a pet peeve of mine is people I went to highschool with (who are young moms who don't work) update their status, seriously, ever hour!!!! Example "Just got done making breakfast for ____", "Taking _____ to the park", "_____ is taking a nap! Time to clean!". Shouldn't you be taking care of your kid??! I've had to hide several people's statuses because it just annoys me!
  12. LOL, I have about 15 friends "hidden" for just that reason (even though I make sure to keep my friend list to people I actually met/know, so it's always under 100).
  13. " I know 97% of you won't post this as your status, but my friends will be the 3% who do".

    I hate when people post the above in their status. I NEVER repeat someone else's status message even if it is to support cause XYZ. And they are SOOOOO repetitive. It seems like I see a different cause every single day using the exact same wording. Sheep.
  14. I have several facebook friends who post albums & albums of their own pictures... it's freaky sometimes...

    And recently with the new check in function... Why the hell do I care if you're at home, at school or at some restaurant?! LOL!!
  15. My PITA Sister doesn't like emails. I can never hear her on the freaking phone when she calls, we get cut off constantly (7 times in one damn call), and she calls when she knows I'm asleep. I told the witch to just send a long email. She says it's inconvenient.
    She's on FB often enough. WTF??!! If she can type on FB, why not an email?
    Relatives are worse than strangers.