1. ITA!

    I simply "hide" certain people from my feed if their updates bother me so much.
  2. I've hidden so many ppl because I always find myself asking, "If you're having so much fun, why are you updating your status??"
  3. passive aggressive status updates
  4. Lol me too! If you're at such an awesome party why are you on facebook!? Lol
  5. I dont know y it bothers me but I hate when people LIKE their own status everytime they make an update
  6. facebook
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    Super useful, thanks!

    I hate useless status updates well. I know someone (who I just ignored their newsfeed... yay) would always post stupid comments in their update, something like...

    A true friend doesn't care when you're broke, being a *****, what you weigh, if your house is a mess, what you drive, about your past, or if your family is filled with crazy people. Your conversations pick up where they left off, even if they are months apart. They love YOU... for ... who you are. Re-post if you have at...least one true friend. They will know who they are!!!

    It's constantly stuff like that. I also know another nice girl who always post something like... life is beautiful! Looking forward to a good day today! like every single day.

    Another one is when I get tagged in quizzes... "do you think asianbelle has a crush on you? do you think asianbelle makes a great teacher?" so and so... &%^%^^&^%
  8. ME TOO!
    When people don't respond back to your comment or wall post, etc. but respond to OTHERS' posts. I am literally dealing w/ this now. I don't think anything bugs me more than that. I just try not to take it personally, is all!
  9. me too!!
  10. People who comment on my photos 6 months later.

    People who dont realize it's my birthday until 2 months later.

    People who think everything I post pertains to them personally.

    People who play FarmVille

    People who always have a negative status

    People who always misspell everyday.

    People who don't reply on the messenger.

    People who use book and movie quotes for status updates.
  11. I don't care what people write or do on facebook, it's not that important, it's not real life so it doesn't bother me..

    But the thing I really hate is the new facebook layout ugh.
  12. Political Crap! I hate this or that about a certain party. Long rants of a bitter group...
  13. I agree! It also bugs me when people post status' about being sad, etc. but do not respond when everyone comments to ask what is wrong.
  14. This. How does this do anything at all. It's stupid.
  15. I hate passive aggressive sh!t. Or getting guilt tripped on Facebook. I'll post a status update, and my ex-boyfriend will immediately comment and say well, I thought you were doing this or you told me you didn't have plans.

    It's like okay, dude, sometimes things change. Sorry I don't update you on my life.

    It's frustrating because all of my friends notice and are like wtf.

    Also, I hate when people decide to take their personal issue with someone and crap it all over the internet on something completely unrelated.

    A friend of mine posted a photo of herself with a giant swollen, bruised forehead. I posted that it was a good look for her with a smiley face because, you know, smiley faces indicate playfulness, joke-y, tease-y, right?

    An acquaintance of mine decided to take it upon himself to say that I was being really mean. ...despite the obvious joking nature of the comment AND the fact that maybe four or five other people had posted things with similar sentiments. Thanks for singling me out, @$$, when you have a problem with me.