1. All those constant stupid game request , shouldn't people figure out by now that I don't play them and sending me a request every 1/2 hour is not going to convince me to play
  2. Yes! I hate those game requests. Especially when one person keeps requesting me to play to same game over and over again.
  3. When girls put their hand on their hip for photos. Especially when two or more are doing it in the picture. Really. It is really silly when the women "are not models". The trick is supposed to make them look thinner. It just makes them look fake and ruins the picture. It makes it look like they are screaming for attention when the picture would have been more beautiful if they looked natural instead of posing.
  4. Game requests, random test pop ups and young girls making duck faces.
  5. Zombie stuff. Some of us live in the real world.
  6. Day 10 since I deactivated, I feel less stressed & am getting more things done.:smile:
  7. Political posts, ugh. :tdown:
  8. Hahaha duck faces! That made me laugh. Some girls even pose always on the same side of their face. What's wrong with the other side?? Or posting 100 pictures of yourself alone. How cocky can we get? Another pet peeve is when people posting their actions every half an hour ie leaving the house then I'm at the mall now then gonna go watch a movie. Does anyone really care for their up to the hour life story?
  9. Game requests
  10. Game requests, political rants, religious rants and anything that is just so pointless and trivial.
  11. +1
  12. People who use hash tags on FB. It's pointless
  13. I agree. It's not twitter!
  14. Ya! Agreed!

    Make them look ridiculous for doing so. Like do they even know what hash tags are for - I seriously doubt it
  15. Games.

    The same face/pose/smile in every single picture.

    Albums with 100's of pictures of which half are blurry/duplicates/pointless/unlabeled travel.

    Hourly status updates - especially those with zero grammar.

    Pictures with nasty stuff in the background - like toilets/cat boxes/dirty laundry. Barf.