Facebook, MySpace, etc.

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  1. Are you one of the people who is helplessly addicted to those community sites (aside from the PurseForum, of course)?

    I never even bothered registering with MySpace, and I do have a facebook entry... pretty amazing what kinds of people I found on there, like swimmers from Germany who went to the US to go to school and that I hadn't talked to in like 8 years.
  2. I had a MySpace account twice, and deleted it both times after a month or so. I found people from my 3rd grade class! That was about the only exciting thing. MySpace just got too creepy for me and I never used it anyway.

    I have a facebook! But I rarely go on it, never leave wall messages, never upload pictures... But it's nice to be able to keep track of high school friends.
  3. I'm on both constantly. I'm just not that fond of MySpace now because some really creepy guys that are much older than me (like 28-35 and I'm 18!) are sending me messages and hitting on me, so I'm not a fan of that now.

    But I use Facebook to bother my tap teacher, lol, I found him on there so he gets a new stupid comment or message from me every week.
  4. I'm on Facebook! It's fun to keep up with old highschool friends there, keep track of where everyone is.
  5. A local highschool girl recently got assaulted after she met two guys through myspace ... the whole thing is creepy and it saddens me that more teenagers aren't more weary or careful about the kind of personal information they give out or post pictures with their house or street sign clearly showing.

    I guess my answer to the question is NO! But I trust this forum =)
  6. I have myspace, facebook, asianavenue, migente, friendster...etc :lol: Thats what happens when you have no life and a computer. I don't really put too many things on the site, but there are some pics etc. I've met some cool people, but some weird bastards too!
  7. I guess I'm not because I don't even know what a facebook is. Sorry:sad:
  8. i'm on facebook...come on, you gotta be on facebook if you're in college...myspace always seemed like it was for folks with no actual life (aka my ex boyfriend) so i've never looked in to registering. facebook for me! but i don't see how people can spend hours on it...i mean, what is there to do?
  9. hey Tanja!

    Facebook is basically an online database you can add yourself to of almost all the universities in America.
  10. The Witness protection program forbids me to.
  11. Nope, no MySpace or anything, but I do like searching and finding profiles of people I know. I wish I didn't have to register to read the blog entries. I'm nosy :shame: :P
  12. I'm always on myspace! I hate when random people add me for the heck of it. What's the point of having 390482094 people on your list that you don't even know?
  13. the only thing i'm on is friendster. don't like that other stuff, i'm not hip or trendy or anything.
  14. i have a high school facebook. i don't want a myspace...it seems like there are a lot more creepy people on myspace. of course facebook isn't totally safe but i only add friends or confirm friendship with people i actually know.
  15. Nope, none of the above.
    I tried to find friends on myspace and couldn't figure it out really{?}