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  1. Has anyone used any of these pages and are they safe to buy from
    Thankyou in advance
  2. I have used them twice. On purchase was straight forward and good, the other was a pain in the butt. Got the bag eventually but the seller dicked me about something chronic.

    Has put me off using them to be honest, others will have more comments I'm sure ;)
  3. I haven't tried them and unlikely to I think. eBay offers good protection for buyers and you have statutory right of return if you buy from a reseller, I therefore prefer to stick with those if buying secondhand.
  4. You're still covered by Paypal long distance seller laws so that bit's ok. I guess if you're selling you don't have to pay to sell and then have fees deducted from Paypal on top. You effectively save 10%.

    I'm more likely to keep using eBay but I've become way more fussy about who I buy from these days and if the photos are shoddy, then I just don't bother,
  5. Facebook is like any selling platform. There are honest sellers and some are less so. As Panda says, if you're using PayPal you have exactly the same cover as you would using PayPal on ebay.
    Ebay fees have become increasingly high and I have certainly had some very difficult dealings with dishonest buyers (and sellers!) on ebay so I can understand why a seller (or buyer) might want to look for an alternative selling platform.

  6. Will the lovely authenticators help to authenticate the bags on these sites if we are interested in buying one?
  7. Thanks everyone for your thoughts
  8. I've used the FB pages to both buy and sell recently and have had nothing but positive experiences on all occasions (2 I've sold and 4 purchased). The admin on them are all very on the ball at weeding out any fakes and anyone trying to sell one is pretty much banned instantly - all but one group (I think) require posts to be approved by an admin before they're posted so I've never seen a fake slip through.

    They also insist on a minimum of I think it's around 12-15 photos and request certain shots as a requirement of posting; ie. front and back of disc, front and back of the Made In label, clear photo of the postman's lock (where appropriate) and others that I can't recall now.

    As has been said above, you have the same Paypal protection as long as you pay by "Goods and Services" (which costs you, as the buyer, nothing extra, the fee is paid by the seller) and they all advise that bags are only sent by Special Delivery to give you extra peace of mind.

    Quite honestly, after seeing some of the horrors for sale on eBay, with crap photos, poor descriptions and shoddy p&p options (saw one selling a Bays recently, offering Royal Mail 2nd class as the only posting option), I'll be sticking to the FB pages from now on :smile:
  9. Thanks for the info sounds like you have had great experiences
  10. I have sold three bags and had no problems.:tup:
  11. Good to hear thankyou
  12. I've bought two bags and been very happy. Think you have to do your homework either way but the Mulberry Facebook site I use feels friendlier and you get to know the regular sellers/collectors plus you don't see the horrible fakes which seem to be all over eBay.
  13. No Mary,

    Our authenticators will only authenticate items which on available on public websites eg: ebay, tradesy, etc... So if any group does not have an authenticator you would need to use a private authentication company. I think Authenticate4u is one of the most popular and their fees are not extortionate.

    Hope that helps
  14. I bought a bag a Proenza Schouler off eBay last year and had it authenticated on this site. Very easy and definitely eased my mind. :smile:
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