Facebook Event starts Thursday 13th

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  1. I was told by a local store manager on Friday that there was a FB event starting Thursday. I think they're normally 25% off? I just asked if there were any upcoming PCEs, knowing full well about the 30%, just to see what she might say! and she offered up that info. I sure hope she is right!
  2. Oooh, I hope so, too!
  3. I've heard something similar. But I was thinking the 11th. Do you have something special in mind?

  4. Specifically, no. But I would like the black with silver madison hobo. Then the navy bonded saff tote is gorgeous! Then I'd end up in the store and see something else entirely and walk out with that! :biggrin: LOL! It old myself this morning, I honestly need NOTHING!
  5. I know...I need NOTHING either. But it is nice to get a PCE so you can at least have the option with a discount ;)
  6. Coach Just post on their official instagram" A secret online only shop full of glittering,giftable gems and jewels all at 25% off "
  7. I checked, they're only select items. The FB event this thread is referring to is a 25% coupon :smile:
  8. I heard friday is FB 25 off would be 14th but hopefully sooner .
  9. That would be AWESOME! I usually can get into those. If that's true, my Minetta is coming home. Thank you for the hope!
  10. I talked to my SA this morning and she definitely said that the FB PCE will start on Friday. I was also told that they are no longer going to just give a PCE to anyone who asks or knows about it. You have to be sent the invitation or email and if it doesn't show up in your account you won't get the discount:sad:
  11. That concurs with what I have been told has anyone tried to use a code from someone else yet this pce?
  12. Facebook event starts Wednesday.... Coach starts theirs Thursday.
  13. I need one...I will be waiting :smile:
  14. Hoping coach will still send me the 30% discount. ;) I hinted that I'm in dire need of a new bag as my no name bag is basically falling apart at the seams. And I'll be eagerly checking the mail tomorrow.
  15. I'm not familiar with the fb event. Is it just a code they post on their page then u mention it in store when u go to purchase?