facebook anyone?

  1. It's Friday at 3pm and I'm bored out of my mind here at work, so I decided to start a Coach group on facebook :p. If anyone is on facebook, come join the "We heart Coach" group!

  2. joined, and adding photos
  3. hehe i joined t:huh:! :smile:
  4. i joined too. i love facebook!
  5. I'm going to join right now! All you girlies should be expecting friend requests from me :0)
  6. :wlae: I joined too!
  7. Joined!!!
  8. Do you still have to be associated with a college to join facebook? Or can anyone join?

    As an aside, I sent out a few Myspace friend requests to Coach TPFers that were denied :crybaby: Guess I'm not cool enough for some people...
  9. I joined!

    I just joined facebook a few weeks ago and haven't done anything with it yet... I added a pic of our kittens to my photo so I wouldn't just be a "?"! :p

  10. Did you send one to me? I got two the other day and denied them. I'm trying not to add random people anymore, but I may not have known you were a TPFer!!! That makes a difference!
  11. joined. A couple hours a go actually but today is so full of unbearableness that I haven't been on to see it too much yet.
  12. joined!
  13. aw, did you message people and let them know who you were? i know i deny people all the time if the name doesn't ring a bell right away.
  14. Yeah, I think I did.

    I understand about adding random people - there are so many psychos on Myspace!!! The number of psychos that contact me has come down since I made my profile private, though. :yes: