Face/skin care

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  1. Hello!

    So, I have a question and hope that some of you may have suggestions. I don't wear make-up, so I try to take care of my skin. I've been using Clarins for the last 2 years, and found out yesterday that the lotion that I use, is being phased out. The recommendation I got from a Clarins specialist was to use the cream version of the lotion, but I've tried it before, and it is too heavy for me.

    I have really sensitive skin - it reacts really easily - and occassional blemishes/acne from stress and other factors. I have a tendency to use products from one line - cleaner, toner, and moisturizer - because for some reason, whenever I mix lines from any of those three things, I break out....so I have really sensitive, weird skin.

    Before using Clarins, I used Kiehl's, which I liked, but I also had a bad reaction one day after using it for 3 years.

    Should I go back to Kiehl's, or hedge my bets and try something new? Anyone know of I good line for sensitive skin?

    Here are some other brands that I've tried over the years - Neutrogena, Avon, and Cetaphil.

  2. if i were you, i'd go to Clarins now and get as much of it as I could...especially if it's perfect for you...might be a bit expensive, but it's worth it rather than a whole bunch of unnecessary experimentation.

    personally, i use olay or clinique.
    ---Olay Complete Multi-Radiance - Daily Illuminating UV lotion, but they make other items for sensitive skin.
  3. my skin's very sensitive and a lot of products tend to either make me break out or like i have a semi-allergic reaction........i've found that SK-II works pretty well for me.....haven't tried their creams and stuff cuz that seems too heavy for my skin (and i'd probably break out like mad) but they have this clear liquidy lotion that's great on my skin......it moisturizes it just enough but it's not greasy at all and my face feels great......i also use their essence (it's liquid unlike most brands and nice and light) and my skin has been behaving remarkably well (plus i can't live without estee lauder's idealist)

    u should also check out la mer's lotions (the creme's way too heavy for me but great on my mother).......they're have an oil free formula that's great

    on occasion i use mario bedescu products which seem decent for sensitive skin

    oh and i forgot.....dior makes the most awesome foaming face wash ever......i love love love it and would die if they ever stopped making it.....
  4. I think than the Shiseido Skincare line would be right for you. I have a skin like you. They offer the day"cream" (it's more like a lotion) in light, normal and enriched. I use the light in summer and the enriched in winter. Same system with the night cream.1. I wash with Gentle cleansing foam than I put hydro refining softener lotion on a cotton pad and finally the lotion depends day or night. They have very good eyecreams as well: Morning eye soother because I sometimes have puffy eyes and at night eye revitalizer. The good thing with this line is there are a big variety out there which all match. I think they do little packs with spoecial sizes so you can try it for 2 weeks. Hope I could help.
  5. I went to Nordstrom, Saks, and Macys (and Sephora)...all out!!!

    I'm look into the Shisedo....the rep mentioned I should look into that line.
  6. I don't personally have very sensitive skin, but my mom does and she uses ROC. It works wonders for her, it's the only thing she can wear!!

    Good luck Suli :smile:
  7. I JUST got back from skin care shopping....I use a product called Guinot...wonderful line...and they have a great line for sensitive skin. (priced like clarins) also another line that is FAB..Babor. Again...I love the cleanser, toner and moisturizer. One last one worth looking into is Cellex-c. Good luck...hope this helps?
  8. Same thing happened to me using Kiehls!{?} I was using it fine for a few years then BAM! I started having weird reactions to it and breaking out!

    You should look into Origins new line by Dr. Weil. They are VERY gentle and promise to be extra soothing and gentle on irritable/sensitive, it supposed to be very soothing. I have fairly sensitive.irritable skin, my cheeks get ruddy easy adn it's a little uneven and I've been using Origins since Christmas and have noticed a big difference.

    Also, Aveeno has a new line of Calming products that I like.
  9. I've also been trying Dr. Weil's Origin line items, they seem noticably very good.
  10. Try Decleor, it's very similar to Clarins I found, yet it's even more natural. Have a look at http://www.essentialdayspa.com/forum/. I found them very very helpful just like this forum.
  11. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I will look into them this weekend. I really hate it when cosmetics companies phase out products. :evil:
  12. You might want to look at lines developed by dermatologists that have a sensitive skin line, i.e. Murad, etc.
  13. dermalogica active moist!
  14. I also have sensitive skin but love the kiehls line, especially their Lycopene Lotion. It comes in the cream and lotion. I can't go w/out the lotion. the cream might be too much. It's my daily moisturizer. In the evening, I sometimes use RoC anti-wrinkle night treatment or Alba Organics Daily cream. Both work wonders and the latter rewards you with glowing skin in the morning.
  15. Philosophy products! Can't say enough about how good the makeup optional set is!!!