Face/Skin care

  1. I'm a very low maintenance person. I don't wear makeup every day, and I don't usually have to wash my face.

    However now that it's quite hot I find my face is oily, and i'm getting zits.

    So what can of face wash or stuff do you reccommend?

    Also could part of the problem being that i am now sharing pillows with my husband who i know sweats in his sleep?
  2. You don't wash your face? You mean you don't use face wash- right?
  3. yeah thank you for translating that for me

    my friends would yell at me in college for that one
    that i do wash my face but i don't like specifically do so with a cleanser of any kind
  4. I think first you have to determine your skin type and then look for cleansers for that type (i.e. oily, normal, dry). Lancome, Clinique and Chanel (to name a few) have questionnaires on their websites to help you determine your type. You don't have to buy their products-- but you will know what to look for in the drugstore (if you go that route).
  5. I just bought Biore Shine Control cream cleanser. I don't know how good it is though because I haven't tried it yet.
  6. i agree with sparkle67, the most imporant thing finding out your skin type. second most important thing is finding a good quality cleanser. you have to make sure that the cleanser does not strip your natural oil otherwise you skin will produce more oil.
    i dont think i can post a link here, but if you do a google search on skincare forum or acne forum, a bunch of things will show up. Do ask them questions.... dont be shy. Some of these people are very dedicated in finding HG skincare.

    good luck