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Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
I need some suggestions on face serums. Currently I'm using the Chanel mattifiying serum or something and then I put on La Prairie Marine Biology lotion and then Sheisido sunscreen and then a little bit of loose powder. My mom thinks i'm putting too much stuff on my face, especially since I'm only 24. She thinks I should just cut out the serum and just stick with lotion and sunscreen.

So my question is: What does facial serum do exactly??

I bought the Revive protectif serum (which smells like vinegar for like 10 mins) and it was $170...my mom thinks its not worth the money and I probably dont even need it.

I have somewhat combo skin...my forehead and nose tends to get oily and shinny.

Any suggestions for a more money worthy serum would be awesome too! TIA!!



Feb 24, 2007
The only type of serum I am using is Vitamin C serum, like Vivier or Skinceuticals in 20%. That helps your skin maintain firmness and help protect you from the sun.

I am a fan of Revive, but I can't remember what Protiff does. If it claims to have vitamin C, what is the percentage? The stronger the better but also takes awhile to get used to because it can burn a bit.


Nov 14, 2006
It depends on what serum you use...different serums have different purposes. For example in Shiseido lines you will find radiance booster serum, brightening serum, anti wrinkle serum, energizing serum, all kinds really for all possible issues with skin. Most serums are not supposed to be all year round product more like a boost therapy once or twice a year. ( as in get a bottle , use it all and then have a longer break), but the Chanel one should be ok to use on a daily basis.

Serums usually are supposed to target and help solve an issue faster and more effectively than regular creams do. They aim to penetrate 3 layers of the skin and go deeper than regular creams that only work on superficial layers.

your mum might be right that you overload your already oily and reactive skin with too much product - ideal would be to find a hydrating cream for oily skin that contains SPF already. When you say La prairie lotion do you mean the tonic or the cream? If tonic, then i dont think your skin is hydrated enough. And when do you use revive? on top of that?

Do you apply them all both AM and PM? how often do you exfoliate and with what? Do you use masks?

Also, dont forget you have to always allow 5-10 minutes for the serum to get absorbed before you put on another product.


Jun 4, 2006
^ya... La Prairie's marine bio is only available in cream (more like gel-cream imo), and their new night solution and tonic.

If you're using the cream during the day... then that CONTRADICTS the purpose of your Chanel's mattifying serum.... The cream is very heavy. It is also comedogenic and contains lots of silica (it makes me break out and become extremely oily and slimy). If you're using a mattifying serum, also look for a mattifying and/or oil-free moisturizer.

As for sunscreen, you can stick to this or purchase a moisturizer that already contains SPF. THis way, you won't be layering things on too much (otherwise together with the Marine bio cream, it seems like a shiny oily mess to me...).

In general, if you find the right products, 3 layers of products is acceptable imo. I usually layer on 5-6 things cuz I also apply makeup afterward, but all of my skincare products underneath are extremely lightweight and non-oily, otherwise together with my natural oils, makeup will not stay on properly.

Serums usually have a very light consistency and meant to target deeper into the skin than most other products. However, I personally doubt that most of the serums can enter into your hypodermis (3rd deepest layer of skin), unless nanotechnology and the new picotechnology are incorporated (and there is much research going on in this field because, yes, they give better results, but we're not sure how in the long run how these nano and pico sized particles will do to our systems since they're able to run all over inside the body and they can even permeate most cell membranes). Besides, the hypodermis mainly contains fat and hair follicles, most of the collagen and stuff are in the dermis... Ummm.. ya, that's why most anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products out in the market don't work anyway....
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Cherokee H Princess
Dec 29, 2006
Well, I'm a total believer in serums from Isomers out of Canada. Copper P Concentrate was my entre' into the world of serums and it changed the surface of my skin and dramatically reduced my pore size.

Now I faithfully apply Copper P Concentrate serum with Matrixyl 3000 serum daily.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
i think mattifying serum is okay for you....it meant to control the oil...not sure about the La Prairie Marine Biology lotion....if the lotion is meant for young skin...i think you are doing fine. it's not like you are using some wrinkle prevention serum..so you should be fine. do you do facial?? you can ask the skin care lady (the one you already established "friendship" not total stranger at the counter)...they always can help you w/ this kind of questions. i am going to my facial next sat...will come back to let u know more.
i use jurlique neck serum...supoosed to firm my skin...not just neck though....not sure about the revive serum - sounds like wrinkle preventive....could be too much for 24 yr old skin...if the avater is yourself...asian skin is not too prone to wrinkles...would use all kind of wrinkling cream/serum after ago of 30. you don't want to spoil your beautiful young skin.


zOMG sales!
Jul 5, 2007
IMO - A mix of squalane oil and copper peptide serum, along with 2-3 times a week heavy duty glycolic, is a great way to see *serious* improvement of the skin.

More spendy serums like Tracie Martyn are also nice and leave the skin feeling rejuvenated.

I've been using a Weightless Lotion (feels light like a serum) from MOD skincare, which I got at Whole Foods recently. Knock on wood, but, it's about the most perfect daily moisturizer I've come across for combination skin that is prone towards acne.

miss gucci

Dec 22, 2007
Im using Dior hydraction serum..and it's great...

Dior HydrAction Deep Hydration Radical Serum

This concentrated, ultra-penetrating formula quenches skin for a glowing, more youthful-looking complexion. It reinforces skin’s water reserves for instant moisture and promotes circulation for long-lasting hydration. Skin is left re-plumped, soft and supple


Jul 22, 2006
The Marine Biology lotion is very light so I don't think that is a problem.

For your age I would recommend the Dior Hydraction serum. I have been using that for awhile and I think its great. I also have started using the La Prairie retexurizing booster but I don't think you need that yet...