face of hermes

  1. just a thought but i thinks its interesting that Hermes doesn't use a "face" for their print campaigns, or do they? i could be wrong... but i actually thinks its good that they don't. I don't like (in the strongest possible terms!) the lv campaign with Scarlett J. I don't want to see H spread all over the place... I like the mystery and the thrill of the elusive H. I want to search for it....chase it....

    what do you think?
  2. Nope, they use professional models and change them, male and female, each season. Keeps the focus on the goods rather than the celebrity. Works for me.
  3. Me too.
  4. Me too. And please keep it that way.
  5. Yeah, imagine if they chose Naomi Campbell, what would we do!
  6. Cry, and perhaps throw a phone or two!
  7. Exactly!! I wouldn´t want a celebrity to be in their campaigns.
  8. Good you brought this up. I absolutely agree :tup:. My darling H must be mysterious and elusive for me to keep falling in love with him again..and again..and again :drool:
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. I love that they do not use a celebrity. I think that celebrities get too much credit when a brand is a success. Hermes is #1 by its own merit and hardwork
  11. I totally agree!

    I think that a brand takes on a whole new level when they employee celebrities. I appreciate not seeing Hermes print ads all over my magazines. Hermes doesn't need any help "selling" themselves....their history, craftsmanship and service do it all!

  12. I forgot to mention that I saw my first Hermes advertisement in a magazine the other day. It is very classy understated add that shows a Croc Lindy. No person in the pic just the bag and Hermes ribbon. It is in the new Departures (by Amex)
  13. I agree. I think they are doing fewer print ads than before. I remember growing up looking at US Vogue, etc., and there were often Hermes ads and they included prices for the items!
  14. i love the one with the model holdilng the barenia birkin from ages ago...very beautiful and classy model with no trendy trappings!
  15. I agree. I think Hermes quality speaks for itself. When brands start using celebrities to pimp their wares it makes me think they are trying to have more mass market appeal, and therefore they will have to lower the price point, and there goes the craftsmanship.