Face is so swollen, it's puffy.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm sort of getting scared. After lunch yesterday, I took a nap. When I woke up, my whole face was red/itchy and so swollen. Especially my eyes, they are so puffy it's ridiculous. I thought that by today it would have gotten better, but I look worse. I had hot chocolate from Seattle's coffee and a Chipotle burrito yesterday. I always go to sleep after eating, and I never swell...and all the food that I had yesterday was nothing that I have not had before.

    I'm thinking it is an allergic reaction, but can you randomly get allergic to things..when I've never been allergic to them before? The only thing I'm allergic to are cats...I'm getting scared. How long do you think I should wait until I go to the doctor?

    Hopefully, someone may be able to help me...
  2. If that's all the symptoms I wouldn't worry too much. In a severe allergic reaction your symptoms would multiply rapidly. If you are still like this in about 12 hours you should be seen - or at least call your physician. It does sound like an allergy but if it was something extremely serious I think you wouldn't be rapidly getting worse.
  3. Take bendryl first of all..to help stop the swelling.You need to find out what you are allergic to...each reaction gets worse than the first one..I know this all too well..I have to carry epi pens because of my sucky allergies.
    Go see an allergist and get patch tested for foods etc.....you need to find out what it is that set you off.BEFORE it happens again!
  4. Thanks you guys..makes me feel a bit less worried that it's probably nothing too severe..and I can use benadryl??? I'll look into that!

    Thank you thank you!!!
  5. ditto Jill.
    I was going to recommend a dose of Benadryl as well.
    And YES, emphatically YES, you can develop an allergy at any time.
    Sometimes it just builds up until your body can't deal w/ it.

    Did you have quacamole or tomatoes in the meal? That's a big one.
    I am slightly allergic to it but eat it anyway, but my lips swell - it looks like I get collagen right after eating avocados!:lol:
  6. Good advice from posters so far. Benadryl is an anti-histamine which should counteract the allergic reaction somewhat. And yes you can develop an allergy to something you previously had no problem with. It happened to me with penicillin--it was life-threatening with the worst hives ever and a severe drop in BP.

    Good luck!
  7. I took benadryl and my face is getting better. However, I'm really sad that I may be allergic to chipotle or hot chocolate. I absolutely love love chocolate and chipotle...goodness, I love food in general..and the fact that I may be allergic is devastating *sigh*

    Thanks everyone! Seriously, TFPers are always so sweet and helpful!
  8. Oh my gosh be careful! Maybe you should go to the doctor, asap!
  9. could it be something else?
    Chocolate is a big allergan unfortunately, but did you have anything else?
    New soap, anything?
  10. Unfortunately, nope, no new products..
    Everything I've been using it something that I have been using forever :Push:
  11. One thing to remember is that you could eat peanuts or whatever all your life and then suddenly develop an allergy to it (or any other food or allergan).

    I would look at the burrito - what is it cooked in (peanut oil could be a suspect). There are other allergans out there, I just selected peanuts because it's a possibility.

    Next time the reaction could be worse. See your doctor and get an epi pen.
  12. An epi pen is VERY IMPORTANT! Don't hesitate on this one esp since you don't know what the allergan is and next time the reaction could be 10 times worse and you could go into anaphylactic shock.

    I am not trying to scare you, just trying to save your life!

    My friend had a reaction to crabs. He loved crabs. Ate them all the time. He went to a picnic and was eating them by the 10's. Suddenly, he had an allergicv reaction and almost died. Luckily the picnic was 1 mile from the hospital.
  13. Yes...I have become suddenly allergic to something that I have eaten many times before. I'm not sure what causes it. One time I woke up and couldn't open my eyes at all because they were swollen shut. It was so scary! I took some allergy meds and was fine.
  14. Scary that you can get allergic to things at any time. My face is not as swollen, but it's still really red and blotchy, it looks gross. Thanks for all the warnings..but what is an epi pen? :confused1:
  15. it's hard to say what can cause a reaction. I was at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding a month ago and we all went to a bar...and i was just drinking a michelob ultra and dancing (very normal) and i touched my face and my face started getting itchy. i had welts all over in about 5 minutes and i told DH that I had to go home RIGHT then. my whole face was swollen in 10 more minutes. i looked like quasimodo, we had the cab stop at a walgreens so my husband could buy me benadryl. Thank goodnes sit worked but I had a pack on me all night at the wedding in case I started to break out.
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