Face Dental Update-8 months later

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  1. I am from the United States I had two-jaw and vline with tchin at Face Dental in July 2015. I went to Seoul for this surgery because I felt my jawline was heavy and wide, with a long, tall chin. My face was definitely elongated as well. These traits gave me a very masculine appearance that I found very unappealing. Before this surgery I was not exactly unattractive, but I was not pretty either.

    I consulted with EverM and Face Dental when I arrived after my 12 hour plane ride. I did not feel comfortable with EverM and their quote was shockingly high (equivalency of 17 thousands US dollars). The consultant made a comment about my racial background (which I know they did not know any better, but it offended me), and they were pushing for surgeries that I DID NOT WANT, so I knew I was going to be very unhappy. The consultation was very fast with the doctor and I felt as if he was in a hurry. For those reasons, I decided right then and there not to give my face and business to EverM. At Face Dental, Dr. Lee took his time, explained to me what I should realistically expect, and made sure all of my questions were answered in full. The consultant negotiated with me a fair price. I knew that I had come to the right clinic. I was extremely nervous and Face Dental made sure I was comfortable.

    It is nearly 8 months from surgery now. My verdict is my result is very natural, I have no issues and my jawline is narrower. Two jaw gave balance to my face that I previously did not have. I look a bit more feminine and I am constantly told that I am attractive now. I am told this without asking, people just feel like sharing it lol. The recovery at the first 3 weeks was definitely the hardest. I drooled constantly and my face was round and swollen. being in Korea in July was miserable with humidity so I do not recommend going at that time. The swelling from two jaw and vline lingered in my jawline and chin until about 6 months. If you are considering this surgery prepare for a long recovery of 6-7 months. DO NOT judge your results until 6 months has passed. Be emotionally prepared for your face to continue to change. Be emotionally prepared for a liquid diet until you can chew solid foods again. Also be prepared to lose quite a bit of weight.

    Since the nerves in my face ran low, Dr. Lee could not do a traditional vline. I feel my jawline and chin is still a bit wide, but it is certainly an improvement over what I looked like before. Dr. Lee did not promise what he could not deliver. I was pleasantly surprised on how friendly and honest he is as a doctor. Jungsuk his consultant, mirrors the same traits.

    I know that I have received private messages from people wanting to see pictures, but to be honest, some of the messages seem to come from promoters or competing clinics in Seoul and I really do not appreciate that. I only came to PF to give my review so that I could help someone that is seriously considering surgery. This was a huge financial decision that had an emotional component for me-it was up there with purchasing a home, and maybe even more so important because I can buy and sell a home, I cannot easily change my face when all fails. So in short, please to do not contact me if you are a promoter because I will not respond. Also, I will no longer share my photos.

    I am overall pleased with Face Dental. I received great care and was treated with respect. Being that I am Black and Asian, I looked vastly different than others in Seoul and I received a lot of stares. I felt self-conscious. Dr. Lee and his team are professionals that did not make me feel bad about my appearance. The nurses were wonderful while I was in the clinic for three days following the surgery. My room had anime dubbed in Korean so on nights I was in pain and stayed up and watched television. Lots of good television in Seoul!

    Please do your research, setup consultations to meet with clinics and from there make your decision. I cannot make the decision for you, since this is a very personal journey for every individual. I chose Face Dental for my own reasons and I am glad I did. I hope I have helped someone out there. Take care.
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  2. Thank you so much for the review, Blasian. I always wondered the meaning behind your userid and now I know.

    I have booked a consultation with TFD too. The other clinic I'm considering is JUM.
    I'll just be doing a sliding genioplasty and I'm mostly worried about the nerves.

    Have you regained sensation to the nerves and how long did that take?
  3. Full sensation returned maybe at month 2 or 3. But by that point, I did not notice anything significant.
  4. Hey could you tell us more about Jum? Do they specialize in two jaw or facial contouring generally?
    How did you get to know about them?

  5. Thank you Blasian for keeping us updated. My question for you is: do you notice any sagging yet? If yes, what do you plan on doing?

    Thanks again:smile:
  6. Hi blasian, thanks for sharing your story! I remember reading your initial story a few months ago :smile:have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed? If yes, how would you compare the pain of double jaw and vline to that? Also, for double jaw, don't they wire your teeth shut? How much of a hinderrence was that?
  7. Haha. Long story. Basically I started researching for past experiences in the forum and back in 2014, 2 forum users went to White Dental clinic and described their FC surgery. You can refer to the post below by PSP. They even took a picture with Dr Lee


    Well Dr Lee is no longer with White anymore. He set up his own clinic called JUM. http://thebestoms.com/
  8. Haha, I have read those! Do you know why he left? Because he botched people or the opposite, he wanted to open a clinic of his?
  9. I have not noticed any significant sagging. I have a small double chin, but that was there before.
  10. I chose the method SSRO that did not require me to wire my teeth shut. I had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago, and I would say double jaw and vline is much more uncomfortable. The first three nights were the worst due to throbbing in my facial area. By day 4, it greatly improved.
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  11. I have no idea and I don't think I can get any sources to verify the truth.
  12. One more question, would you be willing to tell the approximate cost of your procedures? If not, I understand :smile:
  13. Thank you ^^ I am thinking of going to Face Dental for facial contouring. Do you know if they do zygoma reduction as well as jaw and V line?

    I am also half Asian but South Asian, and I do not look East Asian (my skin is darker etc. because one of my parents is from Bangladesh) I have worried about racism in Korea. EverM sounds bad :tdown:
  14. They do! :smile:
  15. Thanks! :smile: Are you going there?

    I am trying to understand the Korean website haha.. the English one doesn't have before and afters :smile:
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