Face Cream to prevent wrinkles.

  1. Ladies, I am 35 and am beginning to see wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. All my facial products are from Origins. Which I like but am now afraid maybe they aren't the best for wrinkle prevention. (I am freaking a little here) I want to see if there is one product or line that alot of people like and go to that counter for help. I am scard b/c my Mom aged like 15 years between ages 41 and 43 !!!!!!
  2. You avoid the sun and use an SPF of at least 15 every day, right? Did your mom spend a lot of time in the sun? Did you? Sorry but I'm really anti-sun much like my dermatologist back in the States. A sunscreen is the best anti-wrinkle cream. (Stepping on my little soapbox now.)
  3. well you gotta start using sunscreen daily from childhood or adolescence to really prevent wrinkles. Also LOTS of sleep is important in your youth too.

    but I don't think these two will help you now... Then only thing you can do is to prevent further wrinkles by using SPFs, creams or more extreme-->light therapy and surgery. For SPFs, I like Neutrogena and Lancome's Bienfait. Creams, I go for La Prairie. As for light therapy, hmm... I bought Tanda a few days ago which can increase and stimulate collagen production. It's dual function so my mom'll use the red head, and I'll use the blue head to get rid of bacteria that cause pimples. I dunno about plastic surgery cuz I'm only 21... I don't htink I need any facelifts yet...
  4. Try Chella at http://chella.com/todon It is a three year old company. the products are amazing. The eye cream takes out puffiness and reduces wrinkles. Research Peptides. The peptides in Chella penetrate the skin and stimulate your existing collagen and elastin. These peptides send signals deep within your skin at the cellular level and activate your skin's cells to start producing more collagen and elastin. Second, we use a combination of over 15 botanicals and vitamins to feed and nourish your skin. Third, we use a powerful combination of three antioxidants - green tea, grape seed extract and pomegranate, to protect and defend the skin and neutralize free radical, cancer causing cells. This amazing combination is the Chell-x Complex.
    I lifted this from the web site. Using this link you will get 20% off first order. Whatever you end up using make sure it has peptides in it. I am 45 and look maybe 37. Not bragging; I too got worried and started all this anti aging products about 7 years ago. It slows down the aging quit a bit. Good luck it's hard to age gracefully
  5. I use Arbonne eye cream and I love it.

    BUT I will echo an earlier post that staying out of the sun and using sunscreen is your best defense. Avoid excess alcohol, avoid smoking, stay hydrated...lots of water!