Face Cleansers with Glycolic

  1. I went to get a facial today and the lady recommended that I use a cleanser with glycolic. Any recommendations?
  2. I bought an MD formulations cleanser with glycolic acid in it. I stopped using it because I don't need glycolic, but I would recommend it, plus it's a reasonable price.
  3. La Roche Posay and Glymed - very good products!
  4. I recommend MD Forte! It comes in different strengths...I, II, and III. I'd start with I and as your skin adjusts you can increase your strength. I've used their products for about a year and a half and am completely satisfied.
  5. MD Forte here also!!!
  6. Has anybody used the one by Peter Thomas Roth?
  7. I would recommend Jan Marini or MD Forte.
  8. I just ordered the MD Forte. Thanks for all the help.
  9. MD FORMULATIONS cleanser! :smile:
  10. Let us know what you think. I absolutely swear by it.:smile:
  11. what a cleanser with glycolic acid is supposed to do ?

  12. It helps exfoliate the skin so the cells turn over faster.
  13. ^thank you
  14. md formulations and glyderm...both me and my sister swear by them!
  15. MD Forte' for me too:yes: