Fabulous visit to LV Champs Elysees- long post but with pics :)

  1. First of all let me tell you I'm a newbie to LV. I've only owned 2 wallets (one was a gift as a teen and my current Zippy wallet) and my current everyday bag a Speedy 30. So I just returned from a month in Europe with my husband and it was my first time. Of course we went to LV on the Champs and luckily we had the best experience ever!

    We went one day when it was so busy and we were tired and looked around. I was sorry to see that my new Zippy wallet would have been $450 USD instead of the $650 I paid here after taxes. I got over it quickly and started thinking about what else I needed/wanted. My husband needed a wallet so we looked at the wallets for him. We decided to come back in a few days when we didnt have so many shopping bags in our hands already and were less tired.

    So we return another day and I asked a salesman, Roman, for help in choosing a new small bag that can be worn across the body for sight-seeing. He was so nice. He brought me at least 8 bags to look at. I decided on the Trotteur and when i asked the price I noticed the price and said "Oh, nevermind, here it is." He was like, "That is not the right price because our prices are going up tomorrow and that is the new price, so it will be cheaper than that." So imagine this is in French so it was even funner for me to hear.

    We were so happy we were like in that case, let's get the wallet for my husband too. So we went over and purchased him the Utah billfold.

    The SA was so nice and very eager (he was new) he brought us champagne for me and espresso for my husband while we paid and got the VAT refund forms. Then he offered to take us for a tour of the store!

    It was absolutely incredible. I mean, maybe you ladies are used to being treated like this especially when you drop a lot of cash, but our purchases totaled less that $1000 USD. Maybe he was so nice because he was super new, he did tell us that.

    So in addition to having such great service we saved a lot of money compared to making the same purchases in the US, as well as catching it right before the increase. The Trotteur would be about $720 here after tax and there I paid $500 after the VAT refund. The Utah wallet would be $595 here and I paid $420 there.

    I'm going to post some pics but Im not sure how so please be patient.
    lvchamps024fo2.jpg lvchamps030xt3.jpg lvchamps007ax7.jpg lvchamps012ov0.jpg lvchamps028smaller.jpg
  2. Congrats sounds fun!! mm champagne
  3. Very nice.
  4. Oooh that is really cute! Congrats!
  5. What a great experience! Thank you for sharing!
  6. congrats!
  7. Great experience for you! Love your sweet bag! Nice choice. We weren't treated nearly as well at the main store when we were there last year...it was a mob scene...I'd never seen so many people buying mulitiples of bags...Lines were crazy. Actually felt that as we were not of Asian or Middle Eastern (No offense to anybody reading intended please) heritage we didn;t rate. We were just lowly Americans who weren't going on wild 10 bag buying sprees. We did not buy there at all, but we were treated great at Lafayette...it was beyond crazy there also, but they were much nicer. I was impressed. And brought home a lovely Damier!
  8. WOW ... great customer service! Champagne! Sounds like it was an amazing experience. And I love the bag! Congrats!
  9. That sounds like such a fun experience, yay! I love your new Trotteur. That is a bag that I have considered purchasing in the past. Congratulations on your deals!
  10. Happy to hear your experience there was so great. Congrats on your new bag - it looks gorgeous on you!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Oh the bag is gorgeous and so are you!!! It's nice hearing somebody getting a good treatment at LV!!! I would have swiped my CC dry if someone gave me a champagne!!!:p
  13. congrats! you look gorgeous with it.
  14. Congrats, you look great!
  15. Congrats!!