FABULOUS vernis colour?!?!?

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  1. Hey guys, I need your eyes for help..hee hee...since I don't have a LV boutique near me I need personal experience from you guys. I'm wondering which colour is FABULULOUS from the vernis line...I kinda like the sparkly ones!

    so which colour would look FAB in these styles:
    1) Lexington
    2) Bedford
    3) Thompson St.

    kindly appreciate it! :supacool: :jammin:
  2. I pick Framboise or Pomme d'Amour. I believe these are the two colours available, in addition to Perle and Hazelnut. These hazelnut is a bit boring but the perle is gorgeous but is prone to a lot of dirt, colour transfer, etc.

    The Indigo is TDF and to me is a little sparkly.

    I don't really like the Thompson street...the Indigo, Framboise and Pomme in any style are generally TDF...
  3. is the indigo still available in stores?!
  4. I think it'd be kind of rare to find anything Indigo anymore but it wouldn't hurt to ask. I agree with Karman though, the Framboise and Pomme d'Amour are the prettiest, sparkliest colors they've made.
  5. I like the pomme d'amour in the thompson street.
  6. Pomme d'Amour, Perle and Framboise!!

    Lex: Pomme d'Amour
    Bedford: Perle

    Have you thought of the Roxbury drive? It looks AMAZING in Pomme. I wannnt! hehe
    Thompson: Is this one disco'd? I can't find it anymore on the vuitton.com
  7. I saw someone w/ a pomme d'amour in bedford and it is gorgeous! that would be really something!!!
  8. how about the red color?! is it pretty in person?!
  9. Was the Thompson Street even made in Pomme d'Amour? I thought it was only certain bags and I don't remember seeing Thompson Street as one of them...:confused1:
  10. It's REALLY gorgeous. It's the prettiest dark red :love:
  11. I've seen Rouge IRL as well and I personally prefer the Pomme d'Amour. To me, it's deeper, richer and much more glamourous. It sparkles more too.
  12. Yeah I don't think it is, either.
  13. My vote is for Framboise! I love pink, it's my favorite color.
  14. the indigo is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you seen the bedform a PF member has here :drool: :drool: :love:
    You may still be able to find it.
  15. I saw it briefly..I think it was with the rest of her bags and it was with a miroir pap too, not sure though...I tried to find it again but no luck...

    yeah the indigo bedford is tdf also!