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  1. My SA just made my week!!!
    So i walked into my local Louis Vuitton boutique and my SA had on a Small Tambour watch with Mandarin Epi strap, I told her how much i loved it and that i wanted one.
    She took it off so i could try it on, while i was taking it off to give back she told me to keep it for the week and bring it back when i wanted to!!!
    I am so HAPPY :yahoo:

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  2. ^^Awesome SA. I'd get LVs from her from now on if I were you.
  3. OMG!!!! That is so amazing
  4. Ohhh, keep it, keep it !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^ Haha.. I'm sure her SA trusts her to return it. :yes:
  6. I would never keep it!!!
    I felt bad taking it!!! I love it so much, one day i will get one! (:
  7. now is an instance where you cannot say, "ohh she probably does that to everybody!" :smile:
  8. dang she must lvoeeee you :] definitely post modeling pics!
  9. wow
  10. WOW! Now that's service!:yahoo:
  11. This...is...AWESOME! I didnt even know that they did this sort of thing! Wear it in good health. Enjoy the week!
  12. she's a keeper. im sure she'll get you special VIC gifts too :smile:
  13. Wow! That's amazing. What a wonderful SA. A good SA makes all shopping better! :yes:
  14. That's awesome!
  15. That's lovely. Good to hear a nice SA story for a change.
    Enjoy your LV watch for the week.