Fabulous Nursing Wear

  1. Does anyone know a good website for fabulous and stylish nursing wear? Thanks so much!
  2. I'd love some info on this, too!
  3. Is there such a thing?! :wtf: :nuts:

    Since giving birth, I've been hanging around in nursing tops and nursing bras. Never found anything stylish...
  4. I've forgone "nursing tops" and just look for styles with a few buttons at the neckline. I can't stand the lined shirt styles and my boobs are too big for the wrap styles. :p Old Navy and Gap usually have some.

    ETA: I use a nursing cover, though.. I took a peek at some of the links and noticed the models were just BF out in the open. I'm not quite brave enough for that. :shame:
  5. I never found anything that wasn't obvious:sad:
    I wore button ups.
  6. I'm the same way, just wear shirts I can pull up or down or unbottuon and use nursing cover on top.
  7. I like the empire-openings ones, but seem to have a real hard time finding them.
  8. I like the empire openings too; they are easiest to use while wearing the baby in a baby carrier. Expressiva has the best I've found in this style. Check out this one: http://www.expressiva.com/baz_product.asp?p_prod_id=t6312&p_cat_id=2&Nursing_Tops_Easy_Empire_Stretch_Top and this: http://www.expressiva.com/baz_product.asp?p_prod_id=t5510&p_cat_id=2&Nursing_Tops_Easy_Empire_Stretch_Top This spring they are supposed to be coming out with this style in a dress.

    If you sign up for their newsletter, they occasionally send out coupons. HTH!
  9. Here are some other nursing clothing sites that I have bookmarked:

    http://www.milkface.com/ (A Canadian company, so if you are in the U.S. the price will be less due to the exchange rate) Site is run by a super-sweet mama and if you sign up for the newsletter, she also sends out coupons.

    http://www.onecoolmama.com/category.aspx?categoryID=48&startpage=0 (Haven't ordered from them before but it looks like they have some cute things.)

    http://www.glamourmom.com/ (Super comfortable and effectively turn any shirt into a nursing shirt. I like these a lot but the style might not work well for large-busted mamas.)

    Another fabulous nursing bra: http://www.bellamaterna.com/net/Products.aspx?style=1155 (Why didn't someone think of this sooner?!)

    And, not nursing clothing, but SUCH A CUTE IDEA, a teething necklace: http://www.mommasjewels.com/index.html