Fabulous new YSL luggage and work bags online!

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  1. There's actually quite a lot on the website.
    The suitcases are adorable, and there are some really enormous Muse and Downtown bags for travelling, and a chic patent laptop case.
    Enjoy the eye candy!
    giant downtown.jpg downtown suitcase.jpg downtown laptop.jpg
  2. Wooow they're gorgeous.
    Thanks for posting.
  3. Tdf!
  4. Vogue had a photo of a black patent downtown weekender on top of a matching downtown trolly some time back. It was amazing and I lovvvvvvve these, too!
  5. Ahhh....travel in style with YSL! Mmmmmmmm..... :smile:
  6. wow gorgeous! I have few YSL shoes but no bags. Might have to swing my the store and take a look.
  7. wow! love it!
  8. :girlsigh: Now I'm motivated to save up and buy another bag!

  9. That's the photo that sold me on the downtown...and got me hooked on YSL handbags! I lust after that combo :drool:!