Fabulous mark-down on Chloe Sale

  1. I was at Nordies first day of pre-sale, picked up a Chloe Large Tote in choclate marked down from 1890.00 to 1000.00 I kick myself for not getting it, I could have resold it on ebay. I'm just not big on chloe bags. I got one last month but just couldn't get into it so I took it back. Was I craze for not getting it, for ebay purposes? Or just let it go. Like "Thats Life" attitude.
  2. If you honestly aren't that big into Chloe bags, you did the right thing by not getting it. What sometimes happens after these sales is that Ebay is flooded with the same bags, as Sellers shop the sales also. Then the prices are driven down. $1000 is a lot to spend on a piece for Ebay right now, especially with summer slump.

    If you LOVE it - buy it and sell it down the road after you enjoy it!
  3. That's life! Even if it was on sale, it is still $1000. Besides, ebay is not a sure thing, especially this time of year. Better that you passed on a bag that you did not like for yourself than getting stuck with a bag that you did not even like, and maybe cannot sell on ebay (and don't forget those lovely ebay fees, andtons of scammers).
  4. You made a wise choice passing on the bag. eBay is practically an impossibility these days in terms of selling Chloe bags. And like jag said, you would have been subject to eBay's rather hefty fees plus PayPal's fees as well.

    Hopefully someone who was looking for a Chloe who normally wouldn't have been able to drop full retail price on the bag was lucky enough to snatch it up for a great deal.
  5. Thanx guys I feel alot more knowledgable about the ebay info and a heck of alot better knowing someone was probably excited to have gotten that bag at such a great price. I really do feel better