Fabulous Kitten Heels

  1. Okay, ladies... I need some expert shoe advice, so I thought of you!

    I'm looking for some spectacular shoes for my wedding. They can be almost any colour (except perhaps black or brown!) and any shape. My requisites are that they're closed-in across the toe and a kitten-heel (about an inch). Why? My darling fiancee is just an inch taller than me. Typically this makes no difference to my shoe selection, but on our wedding day I'd prefer I'm not towering over him.

    I don't particularly care what I spend, I just want wonderful shoes! I've been looking at louboutin, manolo and choo... but they all seem to be disappointingly completely flat or sky-high.

    Can someone please recommend me anything from a designer to a specific style?

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. since its your wedding & you're going to be on your toes all night I would recommend the cole hann nike air shoes. they aren't the best looking shoes but since it has nike air incorporated into heels it makes for one pair of comfy heels. they have a few designs that are about 1' high.
  3. Yeow! I haven't even heard of such things :smile: Thanks for the tip!

    I actually think I might end up wearing a knee-length dress though, so I'd like for these to be very gorgeous to look at too. If anyone has any more suggestions, please - hit me up!
  4. Could try checking out Jimmy Choo - they have some really comfortable but very special kittens like the silk one below (and they have a bridal section on their website)