Fabulous Jewellers in NYC?

  1. The boy and I recently got engaged, and we'll be going to NYC soon over the Easter period. We'd like to get our wedding rings in NYC. Unfortunately, due to the time we'll be there (and we can't guarantee we'll be back before the wedding) we'd need to buy the rings 'off the rack' (or whatever the jewellery term is for not having them made!).

    Can anyone recommend some marvellous jewellers to visit in NYC that fit this bill? Budget really isn't of any concern... I'm having visions of buying the boy something with some sparkle in it, but he's having none of that. I keep getting lectures about wanting a simple white gold band (*sigh*). Suffice to say we both have very classic taste though, so preferably jewellers that don't have too much in the way of completely crazy designs!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. If you want a (matching His & Hers ) I would recomend Piaget and Bvlgari, they have beautiful gold wedding bands, plain and with BLING . Cartier would also be worth a visit.
    Good luck and let us know what you get
  3. If you will be in NYC during the week, any reputable jeweler could probably have the rings sized the same day, assuming it doesn't involve resetting stones, etc. They would either send it out or they'd have someone on the premises do it. The only place that won't do anything the same day is Tiffany's, although perhaps they'd make an exception if you dropped a million there, LOL. If you want the rings engraved though, I don't know how long that takes.:heart:
  4. Thanks, you two!

    Aimee... can you advise as to these 'reputable jewellers'? I've never lived in the US, so I can't look up a particular name and go to a particular place - I need to be advised!
  5. I absolutely love Tiffany's for everything. They have a few styles on their website but so many more at the store, and generally carry a decent range of sizes. Plus the service is impeccable and the store is just out of this world!
  6. http://www.diamonddistrict.org/ this is a list of the reputable sellers in the diamond district. they are aggressive, so be careful, and dont just buy from the first people you speak to!! i have a friend who bought from Blauweiss Berkowitz and was EXTREMELY happy with the stones.

    HTH :tup:
  7. graff jewelers on madison avenue...lovely lovely diamonds.
    also michael c. fina on fifth avenue...lots of choices for engagement rings and wedding bands from well known designers. have your boy try on bands from "furrer-jacot" they are so comfy and well designed that he'll never have an excuse to take them off.
  8. maybe you can go to 47th st. bet/5th and 6th (diamond district?). For nicer stuff, you can go to Cartier, Harry Winston (need appointment)
  9. for a plain platinum or gold band go to Tiffany. There prices are fine for these and they do a gorgeous job engraving and they can send the rings to you if necessary.
  10. Thanks for all the tips. Randr21 - Michael C Fina looks like a great place to start!
  11. youshould check out leviev too