Fabulous Hotel in Paris

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  1. I want to share with you a gorgeous hotel in Paris called the Hotel Costes. I came back from a weekend in Paris, and tried to book this hotel before we went. It was ' apparently' full so we didn't stay there, but popped in to see it during our stay. It is not the new one, as there is now a sister hotel. This is pure class, with sumptuous decor, and gorgeous smells. The staff are quite full of themselves,but the rooms, and bar, and restaurant are gorgeous. Have any of you guys stayed there ?:smile:
  2. Any Pics? Also do you recall the rates, and the arrondisement? Thanks!
  3. It is pricey, but you can see everything on the internet if you type the name in to Google. It is very central, and not far from Rue Faubourg or St Honore. I remember that the Jardins Tuillerie are a five minute walk. Gorgeous place !!!!!!! I also recommend The Buddha Bar for lunch or dinner.
  4. Sounds fab. Glad you had a great time in Paris, its a beautiful city

  5. Yes thank you, it was really lovely. My favourite place for lunch, and to see a great museum too , is called Musee D'Orsay, really a fab place to go !!!!!!!
  6. oh i love the musee dorsay, i can get lost in there and spend all day walking around. glad you had fun in paris. i have fond memories of going with my school when i was 17 (strict catholic girls school) we would get dragged to midnight mass at sacre cour (a must) and escape half way through to get drunk.
  7. Sounds beautiful!!! I am hoping to go to Paris in the fall so we will check that out!
  8. Megs, definiteley go to The Buddha Bar, you will have a great evening !!!!!!!