Fabulous Ferro!

  1. I thought I would share a couple of Ferro goodies I received recently. The mythical Ferro Pyramid :nuts: and the Ferro Karung long wallet. I was delighted how well they coordinate both with the mixed metallics! (my jewelry is gold so it helps to have a splash of it with the Ferro)


  2. Anyway, the bag came from BF which was unbelievable. When I first saw it, they had it incorrectly listed at the original Sloane price so the discount wasn't as much as it should have been. They wouldn't correct the starting price so I panicked and purchased it anyway but asked the rep to give me an extra 20% discount which she did.... although a week later I saw another Pyramid listed at the correct price. I called BF to see if they would correct mine even further but they gave me the run-around. I guess I feel lucky now to have it at all!

    The wallet is from NAP. I'm still deciding whether I should invest so much in one wallet but it's lovely to gaze at for now. Enjoy!
  3. Wow! I had no idea the pyramid even came in this color!! You will love it.
  4. congratz! ferro is an awsome color and looks so good on a pyramid..!
  5. Wowza, that ferro pyramid looks amazing! Many Congratulations.:heart:
  6. Congratulations! :yahoo:
    I love both your new purchases! I just love Ferro :love:
  7. omg... Breathtaking!
  8. Thank you Jane, catabie, Syma, Balchlfen & baglady925!

    Jane you definitely made me pay attention to the Pyramid with your lovely Noce! I had Sloane goggles on before then and didn't think I would ever stray :shame: I do love how easy it is to shoulder and hold in the hand :yes:
  9. Very nice bag and wallet!
  10. very, very nice! i love ferro! the pyramid and the wallet.:heart:

    I'd keep the wallet too, if I were you...congrats!
  11. Beautiful pieces! You got a good deal on the Ferro Pyramid.
  12. Gorgeous pieces there, bluegenie. Would love to see some action pics.
  13. Wow, and I thought the Pyramid is gorgeous but it's more than super gorgeous in Ferro! I actually like the Pyramid much more than the Sloane as I think the gold rings and zipper do give the bag some details.... Very very nice, I like it alot! Congratulations to a good buy!

    Oh, btw, the wallet is so beautiful it looks unreal!
  14. Blugenie they are gorgeous! :yahoo: I'm excited to finally see a photo of the mythical Ferro pyramid and the karung wallet is to die for. I know what you mean about the price of the wallet, but the karung is truly stunning and goes so well with the bag without being too matchy.
  15. Ooooooooooooooooooo, stunning Pyramid, blugenie!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on a fabulous bag.