Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. IMG_1118.JPG
    Waited a month for this colour!
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  2. Gorgeous color! And the color of the twilly u used works perfectly with the bag. It was well worth the wait! What is the leather?
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  3. I was a little disappointed at the hardware though. It's light gold but it looked more silver than anything and it made the entire bag look so plain. This is caviar
  4. where did you find this? this is my dream bag but they said it’s not coming out in this color in the near future...
  5. At my local Chanel boutique in Virginia. I think this was from the 2019 Cruise collection so perhaps call around a few boutiques to see if any of them still have in stock? My store had at least another one when I purchased, and so did the Neiman Marcus Chanel at Tyson’s Galleria. Good luck and I hope you find your dream bag!!
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  6. Hi

    I’m so glad I found this forum.

    I wanted to share my new purchase which I have been after for a while. It’s a jumbo caviar single flap. I simply love it and so glad I didn’t settle for the double flap.
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  7. I want to share my new purchase with Chanel lovers.
    I have been looking for this for ages. Finally found her. Chanel single flap caviar gold plated hardware. So worth the wait!!!

    Attached Files:

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  8. thank you so much for giving me hope ️ I found one and am flying over on Saturday to pick her up can hardly wait but now not sure about the color: does this look the same: 41815d7a-6eef-48fa-8fd6-9b124c891ba2.jpg
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  9. Yes, that does look the same as mine. The color does change depending on lighting. Good luck!!!
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  10. 3CFB39EA-0EE2-4DF4-98E5-84BC9654D1CF.jpeg 808A5D55-7519-4252-806A-23F56EA53E48.jpeg 7EB6FF9C-6B19-4F72-B26F-8F0F2CBA0FA0.jpeg Really bought this at the end of January but didn’t get it until today. So I guess this counts ☺️☺️☺️ Bought the new 19P medium size shopping bag in gray. Love it!
  11. Thank you, when I googled the vanity case in nude, it seemed several different colors popped up. A sandy beige, a darker nude and a lighter nude. They're all very pretty though. Why did you not choose black if I may ask? OMG I can hardly believe it - only two more days and she's finally mine :heart:
  12. does anyone just saw the classic small wallet in stores? I see it online in black but wanted to have another colour. does anyone can tell me which colours are available right now?
  13. Gorgeous! This is what I’m looking for- did you get this at a boutique or department store?
  14. #134 Feb 14, 2019
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    This is swoon worthy! Can I ask if the code # begins with 27? I purchased a med/large flap from an online reseller and I think it is the same pink as yours...I would love to make sure.

    Regardless I ❤️ Your bag
  15. Beautiful... I have been thinking of selling mine but every time I see one, I get inspired to keep it.