Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. I saw these in the boutique as well so...
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  2. Love it both ways!! Would you mind sharing the price at Heathrow? Tax free? I will be flying through LHR in May and would love to find one there.
  3. This is an absolutely stunning bag! Congrats!
  4. New to me and in like new condition Trendy CC shoulder bag 0e9db7e0-dcf1-4baa-b3c9-448ef7d7f238.jpg IMG_5006.JPG
  5. Thank you. I had actually gone into the store looking for a Camellia Blooms Boy bag but the SA I was dealing with was so helpful I figured why not ask him if he had any croc flap bags stashed away. I’ve always wanted one and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. My jaw dropped when he brought this baby out. I haven’t bought from that particular store in years, have no regular SA, had never dealt with this SA before so I was very happily surprised. He couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.
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  6. Sharing another of my purchase from 19P.
    Managed to get the last one from the boutique in my country!


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  7. I paid £2620 tax free
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  8. Beautiful! Love. Can I ask where did you find these?
  9. My new to me, navy double zip clutch with chain from 18P. Been hunting for this for awhile and love it :smile:

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  10. 8CDA1F1A-16AE-4BCB-B8B1-8F67D6A24547.jpeg Sharing my new small Gabby here since no one IRL would care and I’m excited!
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  11. Oh wow- beautiful! May I ask which boutique?
  12. Sorry- think I posted to wrong comment...your bag is fabulous! May I ask which boutique you found this beauty?
  13. Purchased in January but unboxed in February Vanity Case
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  14. Was waiting patiently for the perfect waist bag to come along

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