Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    Lol. Can’t think how many times i’ve done the same thing. Say to myself no more bags then end up buying shoes instead. Love the espadrilles. The black ones in particular. After I bought my bag yesterday I said no more spending for many many months but now i’m Looking at your espadrilles and I dunno. Might be the shortest non spending break for me yet :biggrin:
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  2. IMG_0946.JPG

    New Sandals

    I really want the black lamb slides also, fingers crossed my SA can get them for me as they won’t be getting any in stock
  3. 19C pink caviar jumbo

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  4. 19C blue caviar card holder

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  5. Love your Woc ,beautiful color too .If you don’t mind me asking does it come in different colours and also what is the code and price please .I want a reissue woc with Similiar chain and working turnlock .Can keep my eye open for one . Thanks.
  6. Omg! All such awesome purchases!!!! In fact, I tried the black mesh pair and fell in love!!! But they kept slipping off of me in the back. Even when I put on the smallest size I could tolerate. I think my feet are too narrow for them. I really wanted them to work for me. Congrats to U that they worked for u!!! I will just admire them now.
  7. Omg! Did they give u all those Camelias!!!
  8. Ugh! I’ve escaped from ban island to buy this!!! I’ve always wanted a card holder but never saw one that made my heart sing until this one!

    Please chant with me now - Purse Peace. Purse peace. Lol!
  9. I would also love to know the code and price of this beautiful baby please! She is absolutely to die for! (*___*)
  10. My 19P small coco handle in black caviar with antique gold hardware! I love it!!!!

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  11. Snap! I just came back from Abu Dhabi with the same bag! 19P Coco handle which was the last one at Heathrow T5! I was so lucky to purchase it without reserving beforehand.



    To twilly or not?
  12. Dreaming of spring and summer ☀️

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  13. I don’t blame u! They are so cute!
  14. Finally purchased the medium Gabrielle!!! This combo is so chic!!