Fabulous February 2019 - show your new Chanel purchases!

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  1. FE281BC8-60E3-491C-AA37-528896EBBED5.jpeg 860990D9-C83B-4BE8-8360-6D70EF6AEB1B.jpeg EA667F37-49AC-4005-81C3-A5DDFBC6C23F.jpeg F9B4B485-19DA-416E-890A-3461EBA5DB60.jpeg Found these funky shoes at Neiman’s :biggrin:

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  2. Hi!

    Yes, mine is a 27 series as well. Enjoy your bag! The pink is absolutely TDF! ♥️
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  3. in my country, chanel has their own boutiques. they're not within departmental stores.
  4. Such a beautiful and feminine pink shade:love::love: Congrats on this beautiful gem!!
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  5. Black on black was never an option for me for this bag. I already have several Chanel black bags, and I felt that the CC doesn’t pop as much in black, which for me is one of the most beautiful parts of this bag. I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see your pics!!
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  6. My new to me coco handle..Got it from fashionphile and it looks brand new! The color is a littttle more dull in person than it looked in pictures but i am keeping it..I think this will make a very good neutral..God knows I have enough blacks and nudes!

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  7. My first woc! Can’t wait to use it IMG_7896.JPG
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  8. birthday gifts IMG_3748.JPG IMG_3749.JPG

    both together IMG_3750.JPG
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  9. I have a same one but in smaller size. You’ll love it!
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  10. Love this! I’m a big fan of Chanel totes. What’s the interior like? Does it have a center zip divider pocket or is it one big space?
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  11. It's one big space![​IMG]
  12. Oh, I love that! I actually hate center dividers. Thanks for the pics — I think! Now I am tempted ...
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  13. Beautiful! I feel you :hugs: ... only in tpf :graucho:
    Congratulations :tup::tup:
  14. Valentines gift from hubby! :yahoo::hbeat:
    Happy Hearts :heart::hbeat: Month guys...
    59BF6869-37AA-40ED-B1B9-9A067C132D24.jpeg 919B9B09-E15E-4B40-BCC8-8EB99AD946C7.jpeg
    Some modshots ;)... and some tips from my SA. This chain belt can be used as a necklace :tup::graucho:
    B0D6B8B5-8B3B-4482-B2BC-60BACC8EBB1B.jpeg 5A566339-6B4A-427B-B879-D218290A420B.jpeg 8FF20C3A-BDEF-44DA-B85A-A57DD5B1974B.jpeg
  15. Bought this gorgeous medium o case from a reseller from 16k collection! That gunmetal colour is beautiful!!!!

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