Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. My recent purchases.
    From 1982 and 2019 : vintage Toiletry 19 and Nice BB
  2. That’s good to know, I love the Sydney LE. I got the mini pochette and it’s my favourite. At the moment I’m eyeing the heart new wave noir and the pochette double zip blossom. So many new bags coming out and so cute and unpractical and small hahahah
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  4. I have been stalking the website for a mini pochette with no luck. Asked about it when I bought a TP 19 back in January and was told that they hardly ever get them in. Then on a whim today, about to give up, I call the LV in Saks and the SA said she had one in DE! She held it for me and I rearranged my day to go pick it up.

    I also bought a Chanel 19C O-Card Holder in navy. Love!!
  5. Just picked up my Favorite MM today :smile:
  6. Received my new-to-me Petit Noé from 2007. She's in incredible condition with a beautiful light honey patina. Even the bottom is nearly perfect. Dressed her up with my kitty charm and a bandeau I forgot I had... :giggle:
    Love the size and that she's not as bulky as the Grand Noé. Why didn't I try the Petit sooner? Also got the Flore compact wallet in Fuchsia. Love the pop of color. I'm in LVoe :love:
    Thanks for letting me share.
    20190204_101618-1.jpg 20190204_101927-1.jpg
  7. Got this beauty on Friday :heart: the new Spring Street bag. I absolutely love it, and love the fact that I can wear the strap on my other LV bags :smile:looked really good on my alma bb :heart:
  8. Gorgeous! Lucky you
  9. Wow, how good of a condition she is it! Brilliant :smile:
  10. So lovely - congrats!! :heart: Do you mind if I ask - what fits inside?
  11. 990D8CAA-5BFD-43AE-938F-71A0F94A8D17.jpeg Got my first ever LV today. Got my Chantilly GM preloved and Its in really good condition
  12. That’s awesome. Which print did you get? :smile:
  13. That looks like amazing condition! Can you post a mod shot? How much fits inside?
  14. Whats a mod shot?! English is not my first language.

    I havent checked yet, how much it fits. But I’m gonna do it tomorrow and then I Can take some more pictures.

    Its from Febuary 1989, so only 6 years younger than myself :biggrin:
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