Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. I LOVE :heart: the black with mono.
    We should be able to buy it without having to pay extra. :biggrin: Come on LV give us some black and mono as a standard look.
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  2. :yahoo::yahoo:
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  3. Wow! Love it!
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  4. Beautiful Red
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  5. The repairs were $400. I only got the leather replaced, not the zipper. I got the bag on eBay for about $225.
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  6. I’m so obsessed with this bag! It’s fabulous. Trying to hold out for reverse, but I’m it’s hard. Congrats!!!
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  7. do you happen to have the model/product code for this?

  8. It's M63536, $285 USD.
  9. Thanks!
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  10. Thank you!
    Yes, I feel the same way, I get so many compliments with this bag...I’m sure the Reverse is fabulous as well!
  11. IMG_1026.JPG

    February has been good to me!
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  12. WOW! Lucky you! February HAS been good to you!
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  13. Scored a fabulous pre loved Speedy Dentelle 30 with silver thread. It will complement my BH Dentelle with gold thread. It's still a little wrinkled from shipping.

    Speedy Dentelle 30.JPG
  14. Addicting NeoNoe in Noir to my collection
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