Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. Lovely. What recall?
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  2. Just picked up my Speedy Mini HL from the boutique. I had all the leather replaced. I have to say I am impressed. The redo is amazing. Speedy Mini HL.JPG
  3. I am so happy and I thank god for blessing me cos it is my birthday today! :biggrin::smile::P:heart: I actually bought the LV Palm Spring Mini Backpack love lock collection which I received 2 weeks ago from the LV Sydney George Street store. I was checking my bag yst and noticed a small stitching hole which was quite noticeable on one of the bottom left D ring tabs.

    So I went back to LV Sydney George Street store earlier today to inform them of that stitching hole issue and brought my bag along to show them. Surprisingly, they had 1 last available stock in the store that arrived in this morning and so they changed it for me! And guess what, the zipper is so smooth with this other one that I exchanged with that I don't even need to get a separate key chain to attach to it to make easier to open it!!! Hurray! :biggrin::heart:

    IMG_2026.jpg IMG_2028.jpg IMG_2029.jpg IMG_2031.jpg IMG_2036.jpg
  4. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
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  5. Been wanting this Monogram Shadow nano bag since release last year. I learned it was a Japan exclusive (Shibuya store only). Once I learned I’ll be coming to Japan I got the ground searching. Found one brand new at a preloved shop and I’m overly ecstatic!!!one more February purchase and I’m back on ban. IMG_1345.JPG
  6. I got the call a few weeks back that this beauty that I’d ordered had come in. And on my birthday no less. I’m so in love with everything about this bag. It fits all my essentials and goes effortlessly from day to night. Thank you for letting me share.

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  7. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  8. Thank you!
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  9. It's gorgeous - Happy Birthday!
  10. Thank you so much!
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  11. Is that a new Damier for the men’s? I love it! My husband will only use a card holder with the money clip hope they come out with that
  12. I love this! Happy Birthday!
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  13. You will not regret this! I love my WT and just got my initials in black and creme. Not one person has remarked on them either so very well blended. It’s so nice to take a monogram bag out in any kind of weather. :biggrin:
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  14. There’s a post about it, some bags made in a certain time period from certain factories were recalled. LV called me and told me to bring them back!
  15. its beautiful. im such a sucker for all things mini! can i ask how much it cost to replace the leather?
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