Fabulous February 2019 here we come

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  1. posted in my own thread, but will add in here as well as it's probably the most looked at.my sac flanerie 50 and randonnee pm.


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  2. When I saw the black handles and piping, I was all in. Lol. I’m in LVoe with it.
  3. That's the only reason I'm considering a WT purchase and I'm also only selecting one sticker
  4. I am such a sucker for all things Zodiac. I think it will look good with my Speedy!

  5. Thank you soo much :heart:
  6. Hmmm.. my handle has a kind of a wave and tthe zip isn’t smooth at all! I should get it checked..
  7. Lol! I do the same - buy my car a gift & celebrate it’s bday! Happy birthday to your car! Nice bling!
  8. I stalked the website for a few weeks and got lucky one night. Two days later and she is here, Pallas Clutch, cherry red. I love her. Beautiful red for Valentine's Day!! I needed the perfect bag to carry on my frequent visits to the casino - worry-free canvas, outside pocket, zipped top, two straps of different lengths - yep, she is perfect. She is Made in USA, and I think the canvas feels thicker than my canvas items from France/ Spain.

  9. This week I got THE CALL that I was off the wait list and my PM came in! I honestly gave up hope and even bought another bag a few months ago. When I got off the phone my DH just rolled his eyes and gave me the go ahead because he knows the hunt for this bag is bonkers. Now I'm off to ban island...for real this time :angel:

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  10. Your Pallas clutch is lovely. :heart: Good luck at the casinos :biggrin:
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  11. Just picked this little baby up tonight. My new 6 ring key holder! I have a key cles but it doesn’t fit both my keys and cards and I was tired of my keys dangling around in my purse. The slot inside allows me to carry my ID and debit card so I was sold. I went into the store expecting to buy the monogram but the Damier Ebene was calling me as usual! IMG_1787.JPG
  12. Perfect gambling bag!
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  13. How many card fit inside? I usually carry 2 CC and 2 Id's
  14. I wouldn’t put more than 2 cards inside because it would stretch the canvas too much.
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