Fabulous deals at Target!

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  1. Hey everyone! I am a habitual Target shopper and love how I can always snag a great deal. I think I am becoming somewhat of an addict, though, because there are 3 target stores within a 15 minute drive and an additional 2 within 20-25 minutes. Since I am forever running all over the place, I frequently get to stop in one or 2 of them:biggrin:

    Anyway, I had to share my great deals that I got today and thought, maybe others could do the same?

    Today, I got a bedside table for $29.99. It originally sold for $59.99

    I also got a Tangerine 4.5qt KitchenAid Ultrapower Stand Mixer for $89.98 :yahoo: I can't believe it! I have wanted one of these forever and saw one on sale (the Classic with 275 watt power) for $150 at another Target store on Monday. Thank God I didn't buy it, lol! Original price on the mixer was $299 but it now retails for $345 or something at the KitchenAid website (was stalking the site last night).

    I tend to only buy things that are marked down and prefer discounts of 50% or more, but will snatch up an item at a 30% discount if it is something I need.

    So, what good deals have you gotten at your local Target store?
  2. I :heart: your Kitchen Aid mixer! What a great of-the-moment color. I, too have the side table. Purchased a couple of years ago, though at full retail.
  3. my mom has always wanted a kitchen aid mixer but cant pay retail if you come across another for that price could you let me know ?
  4. Thanks for the compliment on the color. This piece was the cheapest one, so I grabbed it. I honestly wasn't thinking about the color but do love it.

    So you own the same table? How has it held up? I hope well.

    Thanks for chiming in.
  5. Gosh, I completely understand the hesitancy about paying full price for this. I do not doubt that it is worth every penny, but its a lot of money for many of us.

    I will say this and 3 others were on sale. There was a red one, a silver one and an almond colored one at my target store. Apparently, they were display models. Given that another local store also had these on sale, I'd bet that other stores around the country may have these on sale as well. Well I'd hope they do. Maybe your mom or yourself can stroll into one sometime soon and check?

    I recommend an early morning visit. I always find great prices when they open (the only time I have to run into the store).

    Good luck!
  6. WOW -- great deals! I have wanted a Kitchen Aid forever!! I will definitely stop into Target tomorrow and see if I can find one!
  7. Fairly well considering ow cheap the table is. I have twin boys, 3 dogs (2 Golden Retrievers and a little stray), and foster couple of dogs at any given time. It hides the occasional small dent and scratch pretty. Granted, this is not an heirloom piece by any stretch of the imagination but it served its purpose well. It's starting to look a bit banged up but that is more due to the fact that I have an active family. I think you'll enjoy it!
  8. Those are GREAT deals. I Target shop a lot too there are many right by me but lately I keep noticing one store has an item marked down and the other Target ( about a mile away and another 5 mi away ) will not and be full price or still at 30% off.

    It's annoying when I need a certain size, but I just buy the cheapest and do an exchange for my size. It's annoying but luckily there are so many by me.

    Haven't found any super great deals lately except work out clothing. I scored big at this teeny tint Target behind an outlet strip mall that was packed with clearance stuff. Either no one knows its there, or no one buys Target clothes lol. It's just not as busy as the other ones and I'm happy about this little gem.

    I got running skirts at less than 3, compression Capris for 5, and a bunch of other workout stuff. I prefer Lucy or Zella but for a home workout or just bumming during the day with house stuff and errands its great. !!
  9. where did you see it for $150? please PM me. I will wait for it to go on sale lol.

    My best Target deal was a $7 dress which matches these Miu Miu pumps I have...though I embarrassingly have not worn either and it's been over a year:blush:
  10. I think you should. Hope you are able to get your hands on one.
  11. I have become used to the intricate differences in sales prices between stores. Nowadays, if I find or don't find something at one store, I may call another store to see if they have what I need in the size/color/price I am looking for. So far, so good. I buy lots of toys for my kids, their friends and family members so, saving a few bucks adds up for me.

    Can't speak for adult clothes, but I sometimes buy clothes for my kids at Target. They hold up very well. So, I'd bet that the exercise gear you got is definitely a stellar deal given the discount. Lucky you!
  12. PM on the way :smile:
  13. So jelly about the Kitchenaid!!! I paid mine (Artisan) over 450 Euros and it was on sale down from reg price 619 Euros! I love the color, congrats!
  14. Sadly, I have not been able to track down a KitchenAid on sale. They have plently available at full price, but none on clearance. :shucks:

    Enjoy yours, Aluxe!!
  15. what a steal on the KitchenAid! I've wanted one for so long!!