Fabulous day...

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  1. So I am in New York City this weekend and my fiance and I took a trip over to Bleecker to check out the Legacy Boutique :yahoo:. It's phenominal! We actually got lost first because I didn't know the cross streets so the cab just dropped us off somewhere on Bleecker and we had to walk like 8 or so block before we found it, plus it was cold, raining and I had no coat! But we finally made it and it was great. So many beautiful things I haven't seen! The people were so nice and gave us water and showed us around. I was telling the SA that I had been interested in the Delphine in green but when I had called a while ago to see if they were available they were sold out. She said they would be getting some more in next month in limited quantities in green! So she took my name down to call when they come in! So excited about that! I saw a gorgeous Thompson top handle in an olive green color that was TDF!! The only problem was it was $200 more than the usual top handle which I thought was weird. I feel in love with the Ellie satchel in the white/pear but unfortunately forgot my credit card at the hotel so I ended up using whatever cash I had and got the legacy stripe beauty case which I have been looking around forever for! We of course got the coupons for free cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. They are sitting here next to me, we haven't eaten them yet but I can't wait! So then all day after we left i've been thinking about the Ellie satchel. So when we got back to the hotel just a little while ago, I called them up and ordered her and they are messengering her over to the hotel for me!! What service!! I'm so excited!! I will definately get pics up for you guys when I get home, I didn't bring my camera cord with me:sad:.
  2. Wow...love to see some pics .......... I want to go to NYC tooooooooo one day...my DH does not want to.......coz its crowded. Anyways, maybe one day!
  3. Ooooh, you lucky lady!! I love Manhattan. Probably the number one thing I miss from when I lived in Connecticut -- going to NY. It sounds like you're having a good time! Congrats on your new items! Enjoy those cupcakes! :smile:
  4. Yeh Maja ! You are getting a handbag and your in new york at the bleecker store I am so jelous! We have been waiting so long for the ergo pleated satchel. it showed up on the japanese web site today after I was playing around with it I am going to call Jax later today or monday it should be soon!
    Did the Sas at the bleecker know or did you even talk about it the pic on the japanese site is to TDF! you get it by pressing P on the japanese site.
  5. I just saw your other thread on it! I'm so excited that we actually have a good picture to look at! I hope it will be soon, i'm getting impatient!! Love the natural too, i'm glad that's the one I ordered!
  6. Sometimes I look at NY live webcams and that's about as close to going to NY I ever get. I really wish they'd point a webcam at the Coach NY Bleecker store! lol And inside it, too.
    Your day sounded exciting and full of fun! I'd feel like a movie star if some messenger brought a Coach bag up to my hotel for me. I guess Fed Ex brings me stuff so that is like it. hehe
    Mmmmm, those Magnolia cupcakes I keep reading about sound delish!
  7. wasn't it fabulous!!!!
  8. I have to get myself over to that store sometime soon!! It's only about an hour from me and it sounds like it would definitely be my Happy Place! I am so glad to hear you had such a great experience.
  9. WOW, sounds like you're having a blast and cupcakes to boot!

    BTW, we'll be Ellie & Delphine Sisters. I have Ellie in solid green and Delphine in Whiskey. You will love both of these styles. When those Ergos finally become available, we'll match again! Love your taste...
  10. It sounds like you really did have a great day! That was so awesome of the store to bring the bag to your hotel! That is some great customer service! Can't wait to see pics!
  11. Glad you had an amazing day - can't wait for pics!
  12. purses and cupcakes, what more is necessary? Congrats on your good luck, and sorry about the weather!
  13. Wow, it sounds like you had a great time! The Coach store in NY sounds just amazing. I really need to go visit since it's just a few hours from me-ah, one day! I keep hearing about all these really cool bags that are there-Thompson in olive green? tdf!
  14. So I got back this afternoon and I finally got around to taking pics of the stuff I got from the Legacy store! I love the purse, i've already got my stuff in it! After I ordered it on Friday we went out to dinner and to a musical and when I got back to my room, the bag was waiting for me!! Great service!! And because of some confusion and problems on their part with my payment method, they gave me a free scarf also! I am very very impressed with this store and will definately order stuff from them in the future! So here are my pics! :yahoo:

  15. beautiful bag and scarf you are one lucky lady. I'm hoping to go to NY for Xmas this year or next. I will most differently make it to Coach!