Fabulous Combo, Indigo and Azure

  1. If any of you have the two, try them together sooooo beautiful, been using Indigo bedford with azure cles and mini pochette, so not fair to post this thread without pics... will do pics when can and repost.... they are GORGEOUS together:yes:
  2. You pighead lovin' tease, you...j/k!!!!:p
    sounds pretty and can't wait to see.....
  3. So sorry michelle, just noticed them last night sitting on my chair together and was like.... oh wow.... I gotta take pics for the girls, but in good light, not night and with flash....
  4. I :heart: indigo and Azure is awesome ....good combo!
  5. Veronika, I :heart: all your Vernis pieces and including your family of cuties.
  6. Aaaw, plz post pix soon! I bet they look gorgeous together.
  7. Indigo is so gorgeous!
  8. I agree :biggrin: Love my Indigo and Azur :heart:
  9. i can immagine how cute they look together. post pics as soon you can.
  10. I knew these two would look hot together!
  11. I'm with you there! My speedy looks amazing with my agenda! I just might have to get a cles.. If I can find one that is!
  12. oh yeah, frannita, there you go, forgot I'm getting the azure speedy and can reverse options with the Indigo agenda!!! and azure cles!!! A LOT of the fun I'm finding with LV is the accessories.... oh YeS!!! I'll post pics ASAP... promise.... SWEET!!!:graucho: :drool: :graucho:
  13. Oh frannita, have that white MC shirley in your avatar, and love it sooo much, I vote you get that ASAP!!!! It's such a fun and amazing little bag... actually, I'd call it a piece of jewelry...Shirley...