Fabulous Bags Accessorized with Lovely Scarves

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  1. Hello all--I recently bought this wonderful hand painted silk batik scarf, just for my noe. I'm loving it! :jammin: Assuming this thread doesn't already exist (I'm still new to TPF), I thought it would be neat to see others' LV's all dressed in their lovely scarves. For all you vintage fans, my Noe is 17 years old, and still kicking. I think a scarf is a wonderful way to personalize one's bag. What do you think? Get those photos up!

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  2. Wow, that looks really nice! And that bag looks beautiful for being 17 years old!
  3. Here's one of my Silver Miroir Speedy with my LVOE bandeau:
  4. That first picture makes me want a mono noe so badly! I have a black epi one that I put scarves on, but I *love* the way monogram canvas looks with a good patina!
  5. Your noe looks beautiful and the scarf makes it look even better.

    Rebecca, scarf looks great with the mirior speedy
  6. Love that scarf on that Noe! And Lvbabydoll, your Miroir Speedy looks hot with your LV scarf! Would love to see some more!
  7. looks great, congrats.
  8. Thanks for the compliment, Lvbabydoll! Also, I only recently purchased this bag at a local consignment shop I frequent. The date code on the bag is AR0940. The former owner, I was told, rarely carried it over the years and kept it properly stored when not in use. Fortunately, the bag shows her love and care. I was also told that the former owner was a very nice lady, which makes me feel even better! Again, thanks for your compliments. :heart:
  9. Lvbabydoll, your bag is 'hot' without the scarf; but with it, it's simply 'kickin'! :rochard:
  10. Thanks for the compliment, Seaofyears. Congratulations on such a beautiful, healthy baby! :flowers:
  11. oh yay! i can finally do this, but i dont have any lv bags w/lv scarves
    only a chanel.
  12. Here's my Damier Speedy and Champs Elysees Bandeau in Rose. I actually bought the bandeau for the day I finally get my mini noe. Sorry, pic is dark...

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  13. Rileygirl, that's fabulous! Thanks for sharing.:woohoo:
  14. Your Noe looks great & what a lovely scarf!

    LVBabydoll What can I say about that miroir............ my biggest regret ever not buying that one, absolutely stunning!
  15. Lol thanks everyone! Bagangel, did you get on the list for the Lockit?

    And ProfessorLV, you were so lucky to find a great bag in such good condition!

    rileygirl- I love that bandeau!!