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  1. i have the weekender in this color-someone needs to get this bad boy!:love:good luck, mimz-dear!!!!;)
  2. just WOOWWWW :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!! What a rare Beauty :drool: !!! The new owner will be so lucky :love:

    Good luck with your sale MiMi :flowers:

    Thank you for posting m1gr...... !!!
  3. mimz!!! great bag!
    good luck on your sale! :P
  4. Yes someone grab this. I have a first in this color, the blue looks so pretty with the pewter hardware and of course the 03 leather is so soft.

    Good Luck mimz!:heart::heart::heart:
  5. OMG mimzzzz this is such a gorgeous bag....:drool: :love: :drool:
  6. Wow. What a rare beauty! I love the '03 blue. :drool: Good luck with your sale Mimi! :heart:
  7. If this is what you're selling, what are you keeping?:amazed::drool:
  8. thank you everyone! :heart: I hope it finds a loving home :love:

    hehe zesty, I am pretty '03 blue crazy..... I still have an '03 blue old style hobo and makeup clutch in my collection :shame: :heart: ...it's a really great color, one of the most perfect blues (in my opinion) for the vintage aesthetic of the Balenciaga motorcycle.
  9. Good luck on your sale. That bag is gorgeous. :drool: You have the most amazing bags. I think I need to raid your closet for silver hardware bags. :graucho:
  10. It's absoultely gorgeous WOW Definitely a showstopper!!!
  11. mimi!!! stop it! you're KILLING me!
  12. ^ :lol: I just saw this, Mocean! You are too much!!!!! hehe :heart:

    thanks girls :heart:
  13. It's stunning...really really beautiful:drool::yahoo::drool:

    If I was a Rich Girl nanananana
    If I had all the money in the world ,I'd buy another balenciagabag(this week):heart::heart:
  14. If I could get any balenciaga bag, I would definitely get this one! Such a beautiful colour and the silver hardware suit it perfectly!:heart:
    Too bad I'm on a serious purse ban :crybaby: