Fabrique en Angleterre

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  1. Fabrique en Angleterre.

    It's the label found in many an old Tartan Liner Mulberry.

    No idea why it says that, why not just 'Made in England' ??? But never mind, it's the place that's important, not the language (although if anyone knows why the label is in French, please let me know!

    Anyway, if you have any comments, thoughts, or (best of all) pictures, please join in!
  2. Name or type of bag
    Here's one that you've seen before to start things off. This is my favourite old black satchel, tartan-lined and pretty much indestructible.

    Tell us about the leather
    The leather is smooth (my nearest guess is saddle leather) and totally waterproof. It doesn't need Collonil - that sort of runs off it without changing anything - but responds well to Lord Sheraton, especially on the seams and piping where the leather could get a bit dry. You can see in the picture that the pocket corners were due for a treatment.

    What do you use this bag for?
    This is my throwaround holiday bag, perfect for hands-free sightseeing in the UK in bad weather.

    Where did you find it?
    Spitalfields Market (my favourite place for vintiquing - just discovered that word and love it!). There's a lady at the Thursday Market who often has some old gems of Mulberry bags, although I've also seen some horrible Mulberry fakes on different stalls so you have to be careful!

  3. Ohhh spitafields market, I was planning a trip there might have to make it a Thursday now , see if I can find any vintage bags , we don't have any vintage markets in Wimbledon
  4. Nobody else own any older Mulberries? Here starts my one-woman crusade to convert you all to the beauty of tartan-liners (or at least raise awareness!).

    Anyone want to see another one?
  5. And why not?
  6. Yes please!

    I love looking at vintage bags but unfortunately don't think I can carry them off style-wise - would love to see photos of everyone else's treasures though :smile:
  7. My Kelly in Chestnut congo i think or one other cant remember which has the same never wondered why though.
  8. Name or type of bag
    Another satchel. Similar in size to the black one above but without the external pockets. No Mulberry disc on this bag (grrr) but the detail's good - the horseshoe-shaped give a kind of equestrian styling.

    Tell us about the leather
    Wexford leather. It's beautiful - buttery soft but quite strong, and much lighter in weight than my black satchel. It does show rain marks but they disappear as the bag dries. The natural striations that you see in the picture aren't really apparent in real life, it just looks like a brown with real depth of colour instead of a solid colour

    What do you use this bag for?
    Definitely one for casual wear only, and probably best when it's not raining, it's the summery version of my black satchel

    Where did you find it?
    An eBay find that I paid over the odds for (but still significantly less than a Darwin/current equivalent) because it was love at first sight:love: